Who needs Captain America? We have our own!

Rudora and I were discussing serveral things. One of these was the fact that Australia did not need a super hero. I disagreed and Captain Irwin was born!

When West Side and East side join their powers in the presence of Beer, Shielas, Crocs, Meat Pies and the power of “Strewth!”, mighty powers are unleased!

By our powers combined, It’s Captain Irwin!

Ren would do the ‘thumbs up’ thing if he hadn’t told this is not a good thing to do in Australia

My <strike>dad</strike> superhero can beat up your <strike>dad</strike> superhero!

[southern accent]Steve Irwin is THE DEVIL![/southern accent]

Your hero looks liek could use some editing skillz:

(I dun’no why I’ve done this…)

My hero!

That is just disturbing…

Don’t force me to dig out CAPTAIN FINLAND and his amazing PArrot called COOKIE!

I love this beyond words can say.

I’m glad I don’t live in Australia, since I would be rather embarrassed to call him my hero!

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I love this beyond words can say.

Hahahahaha! What’s next, Captain Sweden? :stuck_out_tongue:

Steve Irwin? AAAAHH!!!

But yeah, every country needs their captain. Even though Captain America could kick Steve Irwin’s ass any day of the week.

Ok, We now have a theme song for Captain Irwin!

Here we go:

Meat Pies!

GO, Irwin!

By your powers combined, I am Captain Irwin!

Captain Irwin, He’s our hero
Gonna take the beer down to zero
He’s loves shielas multiplied
And he’s fighting on the Aussie’s side

Captain Irwin, He’s our hero
Gonna take the beer down to zero
Gonna help him save down under
From Pommies who like to loot and plunder

“You’ll pay for this, Captain Irwin!”

We’re the Irwineers
You can be one, too
Cuz saving Australia is the thing to do
Boozing and rooting
Is the way
Hear what Captain Irwin has to say

The booze is yours!

Holy shit, that’s scary.

First off, Thank you to Shalcar for going to the effort of this, without him, there would be no Australian Superhero. Next, thanks to Ren for adding the flag…that image now has a home <a href=http://rotd.rpgclassics.com/rud/captain_australia.jpg>here</a> ( in case you wanted to update your link, to save your Geo-space)

and Finally, He has been sigged, you shall now all know the glory of Captain Irwin with each of my post :stuck_out_tongue:

In the immortal words of Wolverine in X2: “… Holy shit.”

Heh… Captain Irwin…

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In the immortal words of Wolverine in X2: “… Holy shit.”

This is an Australian thread…Let me Australianize that for you…

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As me mate Irwin once said after bein’ caught by his shiela: “… Crikey.”


Off-topic-hero-wise-but-on-topic-Australia-wise: Australia kicks ass. I was there for 2 weeks. Milo > Hot chocolate. :slight_smile:

I’m learning so much about my country these days…like last week, charl pointed out some aussie saying, which I didnt know were aussie sayings…and just now I learn Milo is aussie too?