Who is that guy in the Agora logo?

I just noticed that there is a guy peeking over the wall in the RPGC Agora logo on the top of the board. He’s under the G in RPGC.

Who is that guy?

Has he always been there?

I assume you use Tombstone Grey. That would be Charlemagne.

how long’s that been there and why? i guess i’ll just assume that he’s been there forever, but has anyone else ever noticed this til now? i was lookin at the blue one and thought dave was off his rocker. then you said the gray one and i checked it. lo and behold, he’s sittin there under the g. was this some sort of admin joke or sumthin?

I do use Tombstone Grey.

He’s only there in that setting?

EDIT: I see now.

Is Charl a peeping tom or something?

i checked and that’s the only one i saw him in.

My question is What is the G for in the Go You Silver Britches.

I’ve got 984, and it’s 984 head istead of C.

musta missed that format.


Aah, now I can’t stop looking at that whenever I look at the Agora logo. Thanks a lot >:(

Hmm never noticed that before. Theres some weird guy in the purple one also, Oh wait that’s 984 :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that maybe it was just in my head.

It appears to a Sport Question. Still don’t know what it is about… I’ll stay with 984.


With Charlemange, you may wish so…

Glory glory.

Tombstone Gray <3 ^^

Wow, I never noticed a guy in there

The Tombstone Grey color scheme compliments my avatar perfectly…

i think green goes with mine better, but with your avatar, yeah, i’d go with gray.

I’ve always used grey anyway… it’s so much easier on the eyes!
But… yeah, now I can’t stop looking either!


As I recall, I was the first person to notice that and post about it. I thought it was a grey recolor of Merl’s sprite though.

Huh I cant see anyone peeking…

edit: ohhh that g. The capital one.