Who is Ramza's lover? '03

Aahaha I know but I get confused easy. I knew it looked familiar, but all I zeroed in on was who posted, and not the title. After I posted, I clued in >>

Actually, all of the first line of my post except the “13 1/2 actually” was directed at the guy who posted before you and Wizardmaster.

I know, but I wanted to explain myself so I wouldn’t come off as being dumb after you pointed that out ;_;

But coming off as dumb is FUN!

Im too emotional on message boards. Thats my big life-long problem.

Moi, it’s madness.

I have no Idea what are they talking about. FFXI or FFT/FFTA

Big Nutter

LMAO, I just posted to post, did not think anyone would see it.