Who is Ramza's lover? '03

It is once again time for the 4th Annual Who is Ramza’s Lover? competition. If you have been living under a rock and don’t know the rules, they are simple. Simply state your choice and support it in a paragraph or so. It will cost 4500 for info, etc.

I’ll start the bidding with Mustadio.

First of all, they obviously have common interests. Ramza is into killing monsters, Mustadio is into killing monsters. Why not? They also both enjoy changing jobs and have blonde hair and special classes. But when we look deeper into the Ramza-Mustadio relationship, we can find a few subtle hints about their closeness. For instance, in the scene where Worker 8 is activated and asks for an order from Ramza, our hero tells him to dance, and upon Mustadio’s disapproval issues the new command to “Beat up Mustadio!” which the Steel Giant carries out immediately. Surely, you have to be good friends to maintain a relationship with someone who has nearly ordered your death. And apparently they were as we see in Mustadio’s “remove unit” message.


When they first met, Olan stoped everything just to help Ramza. Later, when they meet, Ramza askes Olan if he will “Join” his party. Olan and his father plot the downfall of the whole GOVERNMENT and the CHURCH just to help Ramza. And when Delita confront Olan late in the game, Olan is willing to DIE for Ramza and his troops. And at the end of the game, at Ramza “funeral” When Olan sees Ramza riding away, he screams for him and chases after him. Also, Alzam (sp?), who is the only person who really wrote about Ramza, is a desendant of Olan.

That was fun. :slight_smile:


After all they were verra close and now they fight all the time and Delita hates Ramza. Sure he might say because of his sister, but that’s just because he saw Ramza cheating on him with Rafa.


A holy knight who can kick some tail, I think Ramza had a strong draw to her. From the very first battle, al the way to being optional for the last, you could be using Agrias. And I think Ramza wouldn’t have minded one bit. They both have very common interests, and they both wore similar-ish clothes too. (trying to impress the other?) I think Ramza and Agrias had a thing for each other, and that is why.

Ramza’s love is the ideal of justice. He’s too focused on his mission and his quest and the idea of minimizing and/or ending the suffering and slaughter of innocents. No time for a [conventional] lover. Too busy crusading.

Ooooh, Kaiser takes the cake.

How is the winner decided?

We can’t end the competition yet.

and uh… we all vote I guess.

Wont we all just vote for ourselves? I know I will.

you cant

i say Delita

but Ramza really cared for his sister Alma a lot
i know its his sister but could that be a love thing??

That’s just wrong Luke…

that’s wrong on too many levels…

and on a side note:

the wizardmaster’s avatar = disturbing

the wizardmaster’s avatar = disturbing [/b][/QUOTE]

ok im a little disturbed

but nothing in comparison to this avatar


you only like the pretty type boys right Lord Zhou?

I would vote for…Olan…
That whole thing about risking lives for him
that is about all i got

Dude, this thread is over a year old. Its been dead for 11 1/2 months.

Yeah I was gonna say WHOA Sillouette is back?

13 1/2 actually. And just to point out how old it was, the '03 in the title should have been a tip off.

Weird you replied though, I was like “Does Wizardmaster still post here?” when I was reading the replies, heh.

Yay, people think about me! :slight_smile: