Who is into heavy metal?

Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Dream Theater, Nevermore, Opeth, Etc?

I am. But you fuck vaccum cleaners. So I am distrubed by our similar tastes in music.

I like Apocalyptica.
(All Music Guide calls them Heavy Metal so meh.)

Ah yes. Metal with out guitars. They are pretty cool. Havent heard much from them in a while.

Really? That’s crazy. Apocolyptica is all cellos and stuff, I don’t quite see how it can be heavy metal.

I’m disturbed that you’re still dwelling on it. I’ve moved on. Let it go. :slight_smile:

Why? It’s far too easy.

All chicks like metal

Wish I could find some.

I know a lot of chicks that like metal.

I like metal. I like most kinds of music.

I wouldn’t call myself a metalhead - far from it - but I’ve been getting into Blind Guardian lately. Damn good group, that is.

I go to an English college so I’d have to agree there.

And all the Apocalyptica I’ve heard is ‘Path’. Didn’t really strike me as heavy metal. :\ Would Nightwish be described as heavy metal? I’ve heard some of their stuff and they seem much the same as Apocalyptica, only with that weird operatic-style vocalist.

Metal like Rasputina, which is to say, another genre entirely. Anyway, I like Opeth. I listen to some metal when I am around my cousin, but I never know who it is.


Mmm there’s probably a reason why you can’t.

bands I like
(old)Metallica/Slayer/Dew-Scented/Destruction/Death Angel/Machine Head/Fear Factory/Stuck Mojo/Morbid Angel/Kataklysm/Hatebreed/Sick of it All/Obituary/Lamb Of God/The Haunted/Kreator/Arch Enemy/Nevermore/Biohazard/Chimaira/Exodus/Iron Maiden/Madball/Shadows Fall/(old)Sepultura…blablabla the list goes on for ages

not all bands are metal, there’s a few hardcore&metalcore bands in it too :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of it is good. Depends on my mood.

I love heavy metal, but I’ll have to agree with Sorc on this one.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people who love heavy metal and few of them know Angra. If you don’t know this band, go to Kazaa or whatever other program you use and search for these songs:

Carry On (some people have this mp3 with a part called ‘Unfinished Allegro’, a nice intro on violins before the guitars kick in)
Make Believe
Angels Cry
Nova Era

There are many more, but these are the ones I listen to the most.