who is going to keep their old gens or sell them for next gens?

i’m am NOT going to sell any of my old gens unless they break or anything like that i hear people say that they are going to sell their systems to get a next gen which is dumb because there might not be any games but it’s also pretty good so can wait until rev comes out it’s going to be reallyyyy cheap lol

Disregard the fact how ALL next generation systems have backwards compatability with the current generation. Or they try to, at least <_<

Barbie Horse Adventures!

I suppose it generally depends on the overall backwards compatibility. I personally don’t think of selling my old consoles, mostly cause I know I wouldn’t get much for them anyway. But If I could get a good price and I know the next gen is completely backwards compatible, and if I wasn’t incrediably lazy about doing such things, I likely would sell. But if the next gen isn’t all backwards compatible, no possible way.

I still don’t get how the 360 can be compatible with only some XBOX games. How does that work?

It’s a long story, but basically, emulating a different system is a BITCH. Different games make use of the original hardware in different ways, and your software (emulator) needs to support all of that for everything to work. Obviously some will work, and some won’t. Making sure specific games work with the software emu costs valuable time and money which could be spent on development of the actual console.

I still have my SNES. I don’t see why I should start selling.

Fixed your post for you.

I don’t think I’ll even be getting a next gen console, atleast not for a while. I’m fine with my ps2 and gba. I did get rid of my psx after getting a ps2 but that’s cause it could play all the games that I already had. as for my snes and n64… well that’s a different story.

I keep all of my games.


I might sell the console. It depends on how much it’s worth and how good the backwards compatability in the new one is.

I’ll eventually get a PS3, but probably not anytime soon. Saving up for college etc.


You just don’t get enough money from selling systems and games.

The ability to go back and play old games whenever you want far outweighs having a little extra cash.

I keeps 'em.

Nothing beats playing a crappy game on a next-gen system, digging out the ol’ duster and playing Mario RPG, going “I had more fun slapping Goombas around for five minutes with an oversized glove than I did with the entire run of Kameo. This is truly a sad day for consoles.”

Irony? I’ve started BUYING old-gen consoles/micros. Speccy love forever!

Probably most people with old gens. Some might sell them for something else though, or give them away.

I gave my old PSX to my brother when I got a PS2. The only console I forsee myself getting is a PS3, and I may not even buy one. I’ll probably just get MGS4 and find someone with a PS3 and just camp out for a week at their house.

Considering my NES is still collecting dust somewhere in the bowels of my house, my Genesis is still in my room and my PSOne is placed and plugged right beside my PS2, I doubt I’ll be selling anything.

It’s made by Microsoft, the company that can’t get a lot of Win9x/3.x games to run in XP. And don’t even start talking about DOS…

Same here. I probably spend as much time with my SNES as my PS2 (and collecting NES, N64 and GB/C), GBA and DS.

I already sold my old systems. Now I just have to get rid of my old games. I’ve got copies of FF6 and Chrono Trigger aching to be bought by someone for big cash. 8p

I do still play them, but on emulators. Fast-forward is nice. :sunglasses:

I’m not selling my PSX games, though. I still have a PSX somewhere but I doubt anyone would actually buy it given that the PS2 plays pretty much any PSX game.