Who here still plays Ragnarok Online?

I was finally able to successfully download and install RO, so I was wondering how many people here still play it…

I do, Kag does, Flint does, and Eden. Here are my characters.





In that case…how exactly do you get your desired first class?[/stupidquestion]

Go to the NPC that tests you for it. What server are you on, and what’s your name, I’ll help out.

I’m on the Chaos server, under the name “Sairan”.

I usually hang around the town with that tower in the middle…I don’t know what it’s called.

EDIT: Geffen, that’s it…

That’s Geffen. I take it you’re a Novice and are going to be a Mage then?

Anyways, if you need help, message one of us. My characters are:

Elley - Swordie
Tallyna -Assassin
Eiluvial -Merchant- if you message her, don’t expect a response as I’m probably vending and afk.

Also, if you see anyone in the Kreuzitter der Hoffnung guild, just say you know Frame and Tally, and you’ll probably get some help =P

I haven’t figured out how to message in RO yet…but it’s easy to find me. I usually hang out in or around Geffen…

And I’m about to go play RO now. Later…

Messaging is easy- there’s two boxes in the bottom. The one on the lefthand side is for a person’s name if you want to send it only to them. The long box on the right is for the message. Easy, neh?

I can try to help, but my characters aren’t really good enough for helping…

Oh Chaos:
Mayple - Mage (I play her like once every two weeks, though)
Chime - Acolyte
Sydney Belle - Merchant (with a space between the words)

Huh? I thought RO had become exclusively p2p. Is there a free server or something?

not that I know of, but a few people have opted to pay for the game, I personally never liked it enough to ever dream of paying for it, but I’m sure some people find it amusing.

Originally posted by Manus Dei
Huh? I thought RO had become exclusively p2p. Is there a free server or something?

No, I paid. Worth it to me, though.

I Have Thought About Playing It.

I Play Dransik And Ultima Online,Rarely I Play Everquest,I Am Waiting For FFXI To Come Out On PS2 And Also Waiting For Middle-Earth Online(If It Ever Does Come Out),Maybe Everquest 2 Will Be Better Than Its Dull Father.

Gah…don’t post in a thread 3 months after it’s died X_X
Post in the sticky one if you wanna talk about RO.

Ah. I was wondering why the hell Zhou Yu was asking about RO :stuck_out_tongue:

Worst necropost ever >_>

He didn’t even post about RO.

Try not to bring anything up from pages other than the first.