Who here on this message board hates me?

I wanna know!!

My predictions:

Valkry Esker (or whatever)

Let the record show that someone hates BlueMageOne.

I don’t even know you

I don’t know if she’s on the forums or not, but your mother hates you.

I said someone, not me.

Man, you friggan suck you fat piece of shit. Man I was oldschool hating bluemageone. Then all these people jump on the “h8r train”. :fungah:

Are you offering odds?

Steve: 5-1
Hades: 12-6
Infonick: 2-1
Sorceror: 2-1
Nulani: 12-3
Sinstral: 1-1
Evangelion: 3-1
Valkry Esker: 7-3.1459

Are you hated BM1? If so, I dun hate you, I only hate when people randomly assault me with pitiful little remarks like “your not very smart” or other random ass stuff then dont back it up. But you havent been an idiot to me, so I like you already!

But seriously, why do people bother being “rude” to each other? Teenage angst? Probably.

Oh yeah, I love you all! :slight_smile:

You’re not helping by posting something like this.

le sigh.