Who here likes rock music?



I forgot about REM! And Nirvana. And Motley Crue. Tainted Love. Ugh! Who sung that? I cant think of his name!

hehe marylin manson i’m in lov with him lol

Bah I hate Marylin Manson. He looks scary enough to be a monster (or boss) in Silent Hill.

hehe he’s a goth thts y he’s scary :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t saying that he literally scared me. I was saying that he looked like shit. And I’m kinda of a goth myself. I just need to wear black cloths everyday and I’d pretty much be one. Thats just my useless fact of the day.

hmmmmmmmm…goths arent really lyk people who only dress in black clothes and stuff lyk that they are people that believe in other certain things lyk ghosts

I know. I said that I was nearly a goth. I like alot of goth shit, believe in ghosts, demons, magic (I even practice it) and all of that shit. I’m just saying that most people dont think people are full goth unless they wear black cloths. I dont think that but most do so thats why I said that. Btw, are you a goth or something?

Goths believe in other stuff like ghosts? Gee. I didn’t know that they were so specific in their little sub culture. Goth, to my knowledge, is only an image, and the magic practicioners are…wiccans, and pagan religions along those lines. To associate them with the title of goth is why they get hated on these days. No wonder they’re mad.

You dont have to believe in ghosts to be a goth. You dont have to be a goth to believe in magic. I dont think all magic practicers are called wiccans. Maybe. I guess its hard to define goth. With the way most people define them then I would be considered a goth. But really I’m just…me. Alot of people believe that goths worship Satan for some odd reason. I dont. I remember one of my friends always wore/always wears, black and got so pissed off when people called him a goth. If people consider me a goth then he is too then. He doesn’t really give a shit anymore.

No, I meant like because you mentioned that you were a goth and practiced magic, therefore, enforcing the negative stereotype that neo-pagans have to live with this days.

Oh. I didn’t mean to I was just saying that I am a goth because alot of people view me that way.

No, he is not. He is a shameless consumerist whore who makes money off scaring parents.

Yet again, no. Goth was a music genre diverging from punk which focussed on minimalist sound and combining grotesque images with poetic beauty. They got the name goth from heavy symbolism in gothic style, heavy focus on death, sex, and (usually-anti) Christianity. Vampires are commonly associated with Goth culture because they are the perfect gothic symbolism. Evil, blood-leeching creatures (grotesque) of unnamable beauty (beauty), who kill (death) to live, seduce mortals (sex) for various reasons, and are burned by the crucifix and God (Christian themes). goth has nothing to do with believing in ghosts.

Also, none of the ‘punky rock’ bands you mentioned are even close to punk-rock. Especiall not Slipknot (no pun intended). Most of them wouldn’t know who Jello Biafara was if he introduced himself to them and explained who he was. They would probably think he was related to the president, which is as far off as one can get, really. Slipknot is a metal band. The main criteria for being a punk band are hating establishment, which slipknot has shown very little care for, and the members of the band being punk-rockers. None of slipknot can, or to my knowledge, have tried, to claim this title. Marylin Manson is also metal, and he profits off satanism, pretending to be anti-capitalist, and scaring soccer moms, which is very strongly against the punk movement, which is against exploiting revolution for money. Which is just what MM does.

yes well i am a Pagan, A.K.A Wiccan, and i didnt say that magic practiciners are goths did i? and goths do beileve in ghosts as a matter of fact!

Uh, yeah.Sure you are. Convincing. Anyway, you didn’t need to further my comments, which weren’t directed at you :stuck_out_tongue: Now i will cease my tomfoolery, lest I get looked at as a bully who picks on dyslexic 13 year olds.

Wiccan and Pagan are not the same. Wiccan is a form of pagan. I will listen to what you have to say about the Goth movement if you can name to me a single, actual Goth band. If you say Marylin Manson or any angst-metal band, step to the back of the class, you already lose.

you dont no me so you cant say that i aint a wiccan OKAY

Dude Arac, I think we should ease up on her, we aren’t being very nice…

This will end well.