Who Here likes horror movies?

What’s your favorite flick? Mine is RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.

If you pull up some cool titles, I’ll throw some stuff out. I know my horror.

I love horror movies, however no movie has ever scared me.

The point of a horror movie is to be scary. Sadly, they aren’t scary anymore; everything is slowly degenerating into blood and gore. So no, I don’t like horror movies.

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I love horror movies, however no movie has ever scared me.

Same here.

Still, even if they don’t do what they’re supposed to do like you said Gallo, they can be cool.

I like humorous horror movies like Brain Dead (you need a cast iron stomach to watch this one).

“The Ring” was pretty freaky. And the only horror movie to actually ever scare me was “It”. I saw it when I was a young child and it scared the living shit out of me. I’ve been afraid of clowns since. When I watch it now it’s not really scary at all.

Yeah, they don’t scare me anymore either. I have to say I kinda liked my first rated “R” movie called Fright Night. It was a vampire movie.

I like horror too, but the tasteful, scary kind, not the bloody and gorey let’s-kill-everything kind of horror (Resident Evil…). However I am the biggest wuss out there when it comes to watching horror. I however love it, even if it means sleeping with my light on for two weeks:yipee: So that means I haven’t seen any “classic” titles, although “It” had me scared to look down the sink when I watched it when I was 12. I like horror with a bit of reality and truth mixed in with it, movies that are kind of based on so called real events. Makes it more thrilling.

I don’t much like horror movies. None of them scare me, so most of the reason to watch them is gone.

I’m not big on horror movies, but I did like “The Ring”. That is the only movie that creeped me out.

Who Here likes horror movies?

I do

Bah. Horrors movies don’t scare me. I watched It and I’m afraid of clowns, but it wasn’t really scary. I just don’t like clowns.

The Ring was freaky… Kinda like The Mothman Prophecies… Not scary… I actually found it funny… Sick sense of humor.

I like watching horry movies, sad thing is, is that it’s not as scary anymore…

The Ring was scary… not that scary though.

Aaah yes the “Mothman Prophecies” now that is a creepy movie.

Horror movies own all genres. My favorite horror movie has to be Dead Alive.

I liked 28 Days Later. Another movie which I liked was Clockwork Orange, very sick and dark -_-;

A Clockwork Orange is a kickin movie…but thats not a horror movie dude :stuck_out_tongue: