Who here goes to Gamefaqs?

I do. Its pretty fun.

Only for guides. I avoid the forums there like I would leper colonies.

I used to use the forums until they changed the format of the site. I was logged on and now it won’t let me go to them

I oly visit for guides,i used to be very regularly in their forums,but then i came here,now i rarely visit there forums.

I used to lurk the forums…until I found this place. :hahaha;

I still go there for guides.

Yeah, at first I didn’t even know they had forums. Its great to post for game help.

Mostly for guides. Heck, I made a guide there, even.

I still lurk the forums on occassion, and often not the ‘mainstream’ ones (where most of the stupidity lurks).

I actively visit the forums for the games I am currently playing. Recently it is La Pucelle: Tactics. I also go for guides.

I go all the time for game help, and the reviews are OK

I’m an Icon on the forums or something, with like 1050 Karma. I’ve been going there too long. >>


I go to the boards for the SaGa games. I used to check out the Mega Man X boards, but a lot of people there are really jackasses.

I used to post on the message boards there, but that was before I discovered RPGC. Although I still do go, to look through the guides.

I do if the game I’m playing isn’t an RPG.

I go there on occasion for the guides. I don’t even touch the forums with a 39½ foot pole.

Tried the forums once, not been back since. :-p Good for guides, though, especially if you’re trying to wring every last secret out of a game.

I got suspended there. I can’t post until 30 days. I got 33 karma takin away too. Man, that was a bad day.

For the guides yes.

I only read the forums for useful info, never registered.

Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, since I’ve written a few FAQs there already.

But I used to frequent some game boards [Resident Evil, Skies of Arcadia: Legends], but I barely post now.

I know I’ve been there once for a guide, but never the forums. ^^