Who Hates Square Now That There Square Enix?

I sure do, I think they screwed up badley on Final Fantasy X-2.
Using crapy music for like REAL EMOTION.
Having Yuna acting like she’s on MTV.
What happened to the tradition that was behind Final Fantasy?
I think them turning into Square Enix SUCKS!!!

Are you insinuating that this is Enix’s fault?

Considering that without the merger there wouldn’t be a Square for much longer I can say with absolute certainty that I don’t mind at all.

Square’s sucked since 1998. Well before Enix joined them.

FFX-2 isn’t the only game S-E has put out since the merger. In any case, games take well over a year to create. Give them another year or two and then reassess what you think of them.

As stated, Square started their decline before the merger, and Enix only bailed them out. The merger isn’t what killed them. And, I’m pretty sure FFX-2 was announced before the merger, though I could be mistaken.

Not to mention that I doubt that any Enix member forced anyone in the Final Fantasy Development team to write a song like “Real Emotion” :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t be so unrealistic. Companies you like are gonna put out bad games. Series you like are going to have games you don’t like. It happens. Learn to forgive.

…On a side note, is it just me or are you a couple years late with this? I gave a long sigh at the merger and then beat FFX-2 ages ago.

Me! Me!

I don’t hate Square. I’m just not looking forward to any of their games anymore.

I guess I’m not looking forward to any of “Square’s” games anymore, either, since they’re Square Enix now. I am looking forward to Dragon Quest VIII, though, and perhaps the next Fullmetal Alchemist game, if it ends up being any good. Also, Kingdom Hearts 2 might be alright, and they’re making a sequel to the superbly mediocre Drakengard. I’m not looking forward to FF12 too much yet, but I think that’s just because we haven’t heard very much about the project that’s worth getting excited about yet. I am a little upset that they quietly cancelled Hanjuku Eiyuu DS for US release… -_-

Since FF9, Squenix has gone slowly downhill. I remember the hype that surrounded FF7 and 8. Now, it seems it is all pomp and no circumstance.

I am not looking forward to FF12 like it is going to be a powerplay for SE, but I always look forward to seeing what is new that they have done. Even if the game stinks, Squenix ALWAYS adds something new.

I LIKED Drakengard ;_; It was such a good way to release pent-up rage, and the music just helped me get out the anger more effectively, as it was the genre to get me pumped up to mash baddies indefinitely.

And Hanjuku Hero… do you HONESTLY expect it to sell here given it’s off the wall weirdness ? People aren’t ready for it. never will :frowning:

I liked Drakengard, too, I just thought it was incredibly mediocre. Notice that I used the word “superb” in there. I liked the game. I thought it was kinda fun, and I’m somewhat interested in the sequel. I just don’t think it broke any barriers in any direction.

I hate Square-Enix so much >:(

I gave them a plate of corn muffins back in 1947 to paint my chicken coop. And they never did it.

Those corn muffins were lousy!

Paint my chicken coop!

Make me!

Sure, dislike a few games, but I find SO3 fun (fast-action, but requiring you to still think carefully), as long as you don’t try for the 100% clear…
Can’t wait to see Radiata Stories if it’s gameplay-wise similar. No doubt I’ll pick up FF12, KH2, and DQ8 when I can.
I don’t see how you can hate a video game company myself.
I guess I don’t really hate THQ for that matter.

This shot rocks :booster: even if this game’s a piece of garbage, like so many 8/16-bit licensed games they made (are the current generations game any better? Too afraid since they criminally developed Rocky & Bullwinkle :bowser: )
But, publishing stuff like Sega’s GBA games, Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge (very fun, even if it is too short) almost makes up for it…