Who has the coolest Xmas Avatar or Signature in RPGC this year?

1.Who has the coolest Xmas Avatar in RPGC this year, and why?

2.Who has the coolest Xmas Signature, and why?

No fair voting for your own! OK??

  1. I think kiro has the coolest avatar. Well…I like it because it looks cute. ^^

  2. I think the coolest sig is Weiilas and I like it because I’ts cute too.

I really liked the Angel Avatar that Kairi had the other day, but she changed it. Right now, Mabatsekker’s Sakura Avatar is the best.

As for sigs, I’ll get back to you.

Weilla’s sig was humorous.

I’ll second Mabatsekker’s being the coolest xmas avatar. I haven’t really been looking at many sigs. ^^

It’s not even christmas yet you freaks, be patient.

Xmas starts right after Thanksgiving, you ignorant uterus. :mwahaha:

I vote for the one that Mabatsekker had right before his current one. It made me giggle.

I have it saved. :slight_smile:

GG Crono takes the cake.

We iz big pimpin, foo! :suckah:

I don’t really have an oppinion, but thanks Makko!

I haven’t really seen any Christmas sigs, but as for avatars, I like Mabatsekker’s one right now.

I LOVE CCS, so that’s pretty much why.

I’ll say GG Crono has the best avatar. Haven’t noticed too many sigs, though

  1. GG Crono. It cracked me up.

  2. Haven’t seen that many Christmas-y sigs yet.


Noone at RPGC has any bishie avatar but me, sadly, so I’m going to have to give TD my vote since his demonic vagina is perfect any time of the year. =)