Who got their Wii?

so? … SO!?

Waited 9 hours in line with Zero at our local Future Shop in Quebec, Montreal. They had a total of 63 units and we were number 29 and 30 in line so we got ours ^^ We even got our hands on Zelda Twilight Princess… only had about an hour and a half total gametime, but damn is this game ever good!

We got lucky though since our neighborhood had an entire grid of multimedia stores… We had our future shop with 63, 10 steps away there was the Best Buy with 37 and just next to it was Toysrus with 95 and Ebgames with 36 and about 10 minutes walk a Wal-Mart with 27 units… and they all sold out!!! XD

No incidents occured, everyone in our line was super chatty and we managed to play some Mario Kart DS. Most of the wait was done not moving and preserving heat :stuck_out_tongue: … luckily I had my car not too far for added protection from the cold. Zero was sleeping on the sidewalk next to the line in what seemed to be a super cozy and warm sleeping bag.

All in all we had alot of fun going through this experience but we both agreed this would be the first and last time we did this lol!

Anybody wanna share some stories? :smiley:

Not mii. :frowning:

I didn’t live in a town that had a retailer which carried em, closest one is an hour and a half’s drive away. I was working night shift Saturday night so driving in for Sunday Morning wasn’t in the cards. So no Wii.

But Nintendo World IS holding one of their next shipment for me, which will arrive next week, so I should have it then.

I’m holding off until next year or so. Expense issues aside, I’ve still got plenty of games to occupy me in this gen without going on to the next. 'sides, I have no interest at all in Wiisports, so another package should be out by the time I get it. And a price drop would not hurt. :wink:

grumbles about Europe being on the slow end of gaming
It’s not even coming here until December :frowning: Despite that, I’ll be holding it off for a while too. I need to finish my C-essay in literature before Christmas.

I’m not even thinking about the new systems until Christmas, but Wii will probably be the first one I get.

You scare me.

I didn’t get one, but I did have a wonderfully funny “I’m holding my Wii” joke that I forgot. Does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

But don’t worry RedComet, we won’t be doing this again… ever! lol

I actually thought seeing all those parents buying XBox 360s for their kids as Christmas gifts because PS3 and Wii were sold out quite funny.

I am staring towards the west with rage.


I’m gonna wait until January. If I see one in the store before then I’ll pick it up, but it is toomuch work to get one right now. Right now there aren’t a lot of games I want for it or in its foresseable future, but gotta love those Nintendo exclusives (such as Zelda) and that low price point. which makes it feel like less of a waste for so few games unlike another system… I look forward to getting one though, but I’ve got more than enough games to keep me busy in the mean time.

I stopped by a couple stores that were near where I had some places I had to go to and they were all sold out. Fortunately. I have too much school work for the Wii. I just hope to get one for christmas…

On the flip side, I got FFIII DS and FF5 GBA.

Some people were camping outside for well over 12 hours for a Wii here. It was kinda funny, since my friend just went to the store like just after it opened and ended up getting one anyway.

Well I managed to get my Wii on Saturday night at midnight at EB Games. I previously managed to pre-order the system, which I was the very last person to do so (a few people behind didn’t fare so well). I been having a blast playing Twlight Princess and for some reason Simcity on the Virtual Console. Wavebird works nice on the system.

By the way, we should trade Friend Codes. You can find your Wii system code by going to the Will Message Board (looks like a letter on the main menu), hit Enter Message, and hit the Adress Book. It shows your friend code for the system and the option to add other friends.

1350 1268 7535 2973

Can anyone explain to me the system in which you buy old games? Or is that not out yet

It isn’t out here till the 8th. I’ll probably wait a few months till they’ve worked out the initial bugs and more games have been released. Besides, I’m short on money and what I have is locked on FFIII DS.

My friend waited 16 hours in line for the Wii, and about 8 hours later they still had a handful when I went to see some games. Didn’t buy one, no games out for Wii I’m interested in.

The Virtual console is an online shop, it’s pretty simple. You purchase points (1$ = 100 points, Canadian money is about 1.25$ for 100) and you use those points to buy games.

…really, that’s all there is to it. There should be more purchasable stuff later beside just old games, if I trust my documentation. Time will tell.