Who DIDN'T see this one coming?

Olsen Twin in Treatment Center

The day they are no longer children is the day things start going to hell, eh?

No wonder she was compared as Gollum’s long lost sister,but she really needs a few truck load of sandwiches.

But the part of that article i really didn’t like was:

were going ahead with plans to attend New York University together in the fall.

Please we don’t need any more of your bad movies and video games,why does god forsaken us?

were going ahead with plans to attend New York University together in the fall.

Might I suggest enrolling in the Food/Nutrition/Culinary Arts major?

It would seem those girls need to learn how to cook. :smiley:

I never suspected anything of this sort :open_mouth:

I can honestly say I’m not.

Eating disorders astound me. How can anyone look in a mirror, see they’re dangerously thin, and still think they’re too fat? Someone explain this to me. :frowning:

I guess it’s because some girls have a very poor self-image behind all that popularity and fame, and they’re always looking for “imperfections” in themselves; in this case her weight.

Yeah, but after they become virtual skeletons they’d have to do some SERIOUS convincing themselves they’re still fat.

It;s more or less a girl thing Pie, although in some cases, guys get it too.

But it’s common for young women. Have faith in us.

The actress herself poked fun at the issue during the twins’ recent appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” shouting to an extra playing herself, “You’re too skinny! Eat a sandwich!”

Dude I so said that in the last thread! Go me!

who is actually interested in something like this…

but anyway… guess a life full of fame and riches isn’t everything…

This is mangá, so read from the right to the left.


those head bands look very familar.

i wonder where i saw them.

anyway the last guy was right.

men do like women with jugs over skinny people. :moogle:

Bad Ren! No Naruto linkage! No cookie for you!

I found more glamour pics, guys!

<img src=“http://www.crankd.com/olsen.gif”>


Holy jesus, they are skinny.

And i think alot of girls are bulemic and anerexic for the same reason many people cut themselves. To put their inner pain into a physical form.

Anorexia is really a form of subconscious suicide.

And why the Hell would you NOT them to go to college? They’d be more likely not to do stupid kid movies if they had a college degree.

because if they go to college chances are they will make a gay kids movie about them going to college where they met cute boys then dump them then then take them back them beat up a bad guy for some reason.

oh and crappy songs.

why do there dress look hevier then they do? :moogle:

Who WOULDN’T see that coming? They are to waaaaay to skinny!

Not really, Cait Sith, that actually makes uh… no sense. Yes. No sense whatsoever. Because if they go to college, they might actually study something worthwhile, and if they study something worthwhile, they might leave us ALONE- or at least contribute something useful to society.

And hey, they’d not be as stupid.
And JESUS FUCKING CHRIST those pictures are nasty.