who can tell me about cheap microphones

that are actually capable of catching low frequency sounds? I want to record some acoustic guitar stuff, and I’m not looking for anything pro, but shit… I can’t have it sounding like some weak, twangy-ass youtube video. I need dynamics and power here, and acoustic guitars are very boomy.

Does anyone know of a mic that’ll pick up bass and isn’t so sensitive that I get distortion, but is sensitive enough to not sound really foggy? I just want a really basic middle-of-the-road mic for some cheap home recording.

Something that’s decent for vocals would be nice too. I just want my shit to sound like it sounds in real life.

who can tell me about cheap microphones

They’re cheap.


http://www.youngcomposers.com/forum/good-cheap-microphone-19153.html - looks like a better resource. Youngcomposers has some pretty hip resources to draw from.

This might set you back a pretty penny and negate the whole cheap aspect, but I would be tempted to go for a USB digital interface with maybe one input in it that can double as an XLR and a 1/4" jack. That way you can do direct in or record with a mic.

Since you want to record an acoustic, if you get the digital interface I’d recommend getting a decent mic… probably SM57 if you can afford it (you can get them for less than $100 CDN used) although you might need a preamp to boost it’s signal. You could always get a cheap condenser mic that runs on batteries. That would pick up some nice acoustic frequencies and some room ambience at the same time. Not cheap though.

Some websites I would recommend would be the following:


Definitely check out the beginner/introduction sections on both of those as they will help you out a lot, as well as give you a sense of direction on where you want to take this.

The SM57 has a very good rep, but I was looking at something called the Snow Ball earlier for about $100, USB… I might be pretty much sold. But I’m not stupid, I’ll look at those sites too and see what other options come up. Even though I’m not looking for pro quality, I still really want to get this right. I’ve heard AWFUL (and I swear to god I’m not being picky) homemade recordings all across youtube and myspace music and I don’t want to fill their ranks.

Gila, where could I get a used SM57? I found a store that sells new ones for $125, which doesn’t seem half bad, but I’m not a whore for newness or anything. If I can get the same thing for cheap, I’ll do it. Those sites are awesome btw

Does your location have a craigslist site? That’s where I found mine. Also, pawn shops can be your friend… if you’re willing to barter with them.

I would be wary of a mic that has direct in USB capabilities… try to avoid things that do everything at once, especially if you want a decent sound.

I’m sure you’ve visited it before, but check out this site for its reviews, as well as the recording section on the forums. It’s pretty much a must-visit site for musicians (well guitar players primarily):