White men CAN dance! lol


THAT is some funny shit…but I do that from tiem to time, so I shouldn’t say anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

He gets one or two steps right, but for most of the time he’s just dancing like a ‘mentally challenged’ person.

The man loves to dance, nothing wrong with that!

It’s like singing to your favourite song when no one’s around. Only this guy does the extra steps.

White men may be able to dance, but can they jump?

It’s possible, 984…you know, some have magical pixies helping them. Or those ‘Air Pump’ shoes seem to have some kind of jumping power.

I’ll have to experiment, where’s my white Chihuahua when I need him…

Woody Harrelson says yes!

I though Woody Harrelson was the Marijuana activist from the movie “Grass”…