Which Tekken character is you're favourite?

I had to do this, just got Tekken 4, sorry I would post more but it doesn’t allow more ;_;

EDIT: Goddamnit title idiocy strikes again!

Well, I played as Nina a lot, but she isn’t on this, so King. I really liked Gon though, and that big bear.

Haven’t played tekken 4, but I played as Nina a lot as well, she’s just hot!

Yeah for a video game character, she was. Had good kicks too.


Have never played Tekken 4, but some of my favourites included Paul, Forest, Hwoarang(sp), Eddy and Lee. They were pretty good, and pretty unstoppable, when I uesd them.

i’ve only played the first 3 tekken games but i usually play as Paul.
i love that move where he punches his opponent square in the face and it takes of about 3/4 of his health!

Congrats for forgetting the allmighty Steve Fox.

Hwoarang and Jin Kazama. I have never played the game, just the screenshots make me want…them…to be real. Haaaaaw. fangirl scream oMg I luFf u gUyZ dEy Iz teh HAWT

Eva: http://www.gamevolution.it/speciale/Tekken4/story_STEVE_end.JPG


Nice 2D virtual chest yo ^^

Yoshimitsu by far is my favourite.

You forgot Law, Marduk, Steve, Christie, Law, Julia, Lee, Lei, and last but not least, Panda/Kuma.

I haven’t played tekken 4, but I have played Tekken tag.
Xiayou, she’s spunky and her best friend is the Panda. If she hadn’t been on the poll I would have gone with Unknown.:moogle:

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jin Kazama

yoshimitzu, cuz he looks stupid, i always picked him in the arcade game

Will always be Lei, once you master all his different forms, he is damn near unstoppable.

Him and Jun were one of my main combos (The other being Jin and Bryan) in local (Arcade supported) Tekken Tag Tournaments. Out of the 6 I entered I took 1st place in 3, and 2nd place in 3.

Lei is a god =)

Lei rocks -if- you can get good with him. I never played enough to do that, however, so i’ll stick to Paul.

King, cuz I won a free action figure of him at an anime expo.