Which sprite is better?

Guys, which sprite is better? I didn’t know if this went in the sprite forum, it’s a poll. Which one is better? The one in my av, or this one: <img src=“http://free.inkfrog.com/pix/DanteCole/DanteFrnt.gif” width=50 height=75>

The old one. That one on the avvie is way too flashie

So your saying if wasn’t so… flahyish, it would be a little better?

I cant see the one in your post, but your Avator is pretty cool!

T_F: Uh yeah, I made this a while ago, I got rid of both of the original sprites. Thanks for the compliment though :slight_smile:

as long as one of them isn’t the one that looks like Rulakir :slight_smile:

what sprite?