Which Saint Seiya action figures did you have?

I had these:

Bonze: Shiryu, Ikki & Hyoga
Gold: Saga, Dokho, Camus
Mariners: Poseidon, Baian, Lo
Azgard: Fenrir, Syd

You mean those fricking expensive toys that came with the armor in separate and you had to equip the character part by part? Well, I had 2 Gold Saints (One of them was Shaka, I can’t remember the other one, though).

They weren’t so expensive. There were Bandai and SS ones, SS were cheaper although being made of the same material. Half of mine were Bandai, though, cuzz I never found them from SS.

I had Seiya amd Shiryu (Second armor) and Shura.

The coolest part of it is that I had many friends, and we always knew who had or hadn’t that action figure, so none of us would buy a saint someone else already had. We ended up having the whole collection. We always played together and were very sharing, so it was kinda like having all of them ^^