Which one?

Ok i need help…i am planing on getting FFVIII over the internet this week. Dirge of Cerberus(bad spelling) is coming out in the UK on the 1st of Aug. Which one should I get? Can anyone help?And KH2 is due out at the end of Aug as well. What should I do

KH2 Totally!!!

Depends how much a) you enjoyed KH1 or b) you enjoy shooting things in real-time.

I did enjoy KH2 and I’ve been looking forward to D.O.C because I’m obsessed with FFVII and everything to do with it. Do you guys recommend FFVIII?

Not particularly. It had some things going for it, but was nowhere near the quality of the ones that came before or after it IMO.

It won’t change your life. In the first 3 cds it’s a good story though. As an added bonus you get to understand half of RPGC’s fanfics. (The one where the characters had different personalities was the best of them imo).

Thanks people, I’ll get D.O.C and KH2 instead. What is a good FF to get apart from VII,IX,X and X-2?

I recommend Final Fantasy IV or VI. They are definitely the cream of the crop.

OK I’ll look for VI because I can lend IV off my mate when he finishes it. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Definitely VI if you’ve played the rest.