Which is the better minigame

Which minigame did you like better: Triple triad, tetra master, or blitzball?
For me it’s triple triad. I never managed to score even once in blitzball.

Blitzball was OK, except when the games get way too easy (after levelling up), and the only reason why I played it was to compete for World Champion. <_<

Triple Triad was nice! And comes with nice things too. Well, so that’s a good motivation to keep playing over and over again. (The memories of Ragnarok.)

Tetra Master was my least favorite. The levelling up stats was a great innovation, but that’s about it. No other motivations to play it — well, besides collecting and perfect game, of course.

Triple Triad. It seemed to spawn Tetra Master and Blitzball. The cards had a purpose (you could keep them just for fun, or to convert them into items to make weapons) and it had a lot of sub quests involved. I was never into Tetra Master all that much, so I’m not sure if this was the same way. Same with Blitzball, never played it, dunno if you gain anything by winning.

Triple Triad was cool and addictive… The others weren’t…

I am the queen of Tetra Master.

Although I didn’t find it too enjoyable, I’d say Triple Triad. The problem is that blitzball and Tetra Master just didn’t have any real connection to the game (yes, I know you could get Wakka’s insane stuff by playing like 300 blitzball games, but I simply didn’t have the patience to do that).

The best mini-game EV0R in my opinion was Chocobo Hot & Cold and searching for Chocographs. That had you actively exploring the world, and the hot and cold segments were loads of fun, if tough on the fingers. :sunglasses:

Indeed, I loved Chocobo Hot and Cold. I especially liked visiting the Chocobo Paradise.

Triple Triad. The others were too complicated and/or stupid.

I didn’t like Chocobo Hot & Cold that much. I found all of the chocographs in the Chocobo Forest, but then I couldn’t find the route to the Chocobo Lagoon, and I just generally lost interest in the game soon after that.

On topic: I didn’t find either of the card games that important or necessary. I never got to try blitzball, but that’s one of the things that I’d like.

i liked chocobo hot and cold, it was realy fun, but

i did it just so i can get the ark realy

triple triad is the best mini game out of those 3.

Chocobo Hot and Cold was cool, but some times it seemed easy to find Chocographs, than at other times.

Anyway, I loved Triple Triad, it was fun and really got you thinking about stategy, if you had a bunch of the rules on. Terta Master was ok, but I never really understood the number system it never seemed to make sense, even though I could beat almost everyone in the game. As for Blitzball I never played any proper matchers, except the one you have to play.

Um forget what one is what so I’ll say the FF8 card game. Forget what one it was.

FF8 = Triple Triad
FF9 = Tetra Master

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok FF8 Triple Triad

I liked Chocobo Hot & Cold best, with Tetra Master a close second =]

Chocobo Hot and Cold was too tedious for me. >_<
I am teh lazy.

I liked Triple Triad and Blitzball eqally.

I bet I sould beat you (Val) in a game of Triple Triad!

Originally posted by The Wizardmaster
[b]I liked Triple Triad and Blitzball eqally.

I bet I sould beat you (Val) in a game of Triple Triad! [/b]

I’m sure you could, since I’ve never played it.

FF1 Pirate Ship Slide Puzzle > All else


I liked Blitzball. Triple Triad, too. I was good at them, ergo, they were cool. I sucked at Tetra Master, ergo, it is boring and/or stupid.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
I’m sure you could, since I’ve never played it.

Thats exactly my point. :slight_smile: