Which game of the Final Fantasy Series has the best music?

I have started listening to game music alot recently. I think the best FF music is either FF6 or FF7. They both have great music done by a skilled composer. I am leaning more twords FF6 music because of Celes’ theme and the song ‘Dancing Mad’…

I’d have to say FF7.
Though i haven’t played any of the FF games before 7

Your missing out on good games… You should try FF6 or FF4… but Final Fantasy 7 has good music… ‘One Winged Angel’ and ‘Oppressed People’ are very good…

FF7 has some really good music. I unfortunately can’t recal to much from ff6 however, so i cannot say whether it was really good or not. FFX also had some very nice music in parts. Auron’s theme I enjoy, and Otherworld is just beautiful to me.


FF VII one winged angel, oppresed people, birth of a god, battle theme, breaching reactor (or whatever)
FF X aurons theme, battle theme, spira unplugged, decision, green

I’ll say:

Also probably FFXII since it is in the same setting (god i hope it’s got good music)

It’s Sakimoto, he can’t make a bad soundtrack. I think it’ll be a mix of styles heard in FFT and Vagrant Story.

As for my picks… FFMQ and FFT for now.

I’d have to say FFVI. I have Celes’s opera song memorized.

Oh my hero
So far away now
Will I ever see your smile?
Love goes away like night into day, it’s just a fading dream

Must I forget you?
Our solemn promise?
Will autumn take the place of spring?
What shall I do? I’m lost without you, speak to me once more

We must part now
My life goes on
But my heart will never give you up
Ere I walk away, I won’t age a day
I will love you always

Mystic Quest. Don’t even trip.

(oh, and X)

FF6, 7, 10 and T really get to me, emotionally (ohh poetic!). FF4 gets honourable mention with FF8 (they both had some outstanding, beautiful tracks)

VIII Just for Liberi Fatali

While FFT has the music that best suits the atmosphere, I still like FFIX’s soundtrack a lot more. Dark Messenger, Melodies of Life, You Are Not alone, We Are Thieves!, Vamo’ alla Flamenco, etc. Too many great songs in one soundtrack.

However, the single greatest theme in any FF is still One Winged Angel.

DG, The second you get a chance to hear the XII ost, lemme know how it is. I’ll get a copy by any means I can. I hope by then i’ll be able to buy shit :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I forgot to mention that. While FFT has the best music for it’s setting, it’s songs do NOT make good stand-alone songs, with a few exceptions like Tension 1.

For stand-alone music, FFVIII and X by FAR.

Too bad I think her theme is only played twice in the game if I remember right. In the night in Albrook, and in the suicide scene (it’s the one that’s sorta like the opera, but not?)
The FF1 brigde music (repeated in FF3 and 4).
Battle song, FF3-style.
Old-skool airship music (remixed as the blitzer’s theme in FFX? Used in the initial Luca cutscenes. Can’t recall the song name, I KNOW it’s not the music in the actual blitzball games.)
Challenge (FFX super-boss music)
The Magitek Factory
Techno Chocobo (that the right name? The FF6 Chocobo theme, although I can no longer listen to the Chocobo theme without hearing that Chocobo Robo Voice flash animation)
Way too many too list 'em all… I guess FF6 would probably end up dominating the list.

You know, i completly forgot about ffVIII for some reason. probably cause I really haven’t played it, only enjoyed the music. Anyway, liberi fatalli or however it’s spelled, and The Man with the Machine Gun or something of that name. Nice songs in FFVIII

I don’t think I’ve heard a song by The Black Mages that I haven’t liked yet.

But as for a single soundtrack… X. Otherworld is still by far my favorite FF single.

What? You must not have looked very hard.

Well, the only Nobou song I can recall not liking is that FFU credits song.