Which Final Fantasy is Better?

Just wondering what you all think! I am completely taken with Final Fantasy VII, second Final Fantasy VIII, and finally Final Fantasy X, mostly 'cause it’s the one I’m playing now…

…I have the feeling this may have been done before, most likely…heck, I don’t know if half these Final Fantasies exist!

The reason I like Final Fantasy VII is because of the characters, mostly. Aeris obviously is my favourite sniff…she died! Also because of the range of chocobos they have and the fact that you can race them. Sure, it’s a pain having to do all that, but it’s still soooo much fun! I also find the storyline to be excellent, and although I hate Sephiroth, he’s probably the best FF villain!

Final Fantasy VIII is the next because of storyline and characters also, but also because of the excellent animation. For not having voices, the facial expressions and all that sure were a dead giveaway!

Final Fantasy X is my third because I have only played three mostly, but because of the aeons. Bahamut rocks in that! Also the characters are pretty interesting, and there are soooo many cliffhangers in that game I can’t count! It always keeps you guessing!


And please use spoiler tags.

not another “wich FF is better” poll!!!

runs away

oh and btw i love the old ones

Im just going to say one thing. You didnt put tactics up. If you havent played it thats fine, but it really is a kick ass game. Now I voted for 9 because I really did like that one. And it is the only one I have beaten so far.

On 7 got to the final boss then lost my memory card, same thing with 8. And 10 I am at Zanarkand right now. Tactics I have gotten to the middle of the thrid chapter. I got to start playing more. And yes these have probaly been overdone, but your new so its okay. Just as long as it doesnt turn into a flame war or senseless conversation then they wont get rid of it. Plus I havent talk real final fantasy in a while. Hope this thread turns into something like that.

Eep…! I had that feeling! Ah, well…fine. Someone can lock this thread if they want…

Why do people usually think this is a new and improved idea? -_-;;

presents Destiny with the “Most Overused FF Thread Ever” award

Why would any of those games not exist? By now I think they’ve released some form of all of them in the US I think. It would be rather silly to give a game a random number, and silly like that isn’t a Final Fantasy type of thing.

So, among reasons not to begin another Favorite FF poll:

  1. Been done before
  2. Since 10 is the maximum number of items you can put in a poll, you can’t include all the FF games in one poll.

I can’t stop playing 5. But I will have to agree with demigod( a first ever). Don’t do another “Favorite FF” Poll.

I’ll say this again, and I hope it’s the last time I’ll have to… FF IV is my favorite, because I didn’t care for the graphics, it has Great characters (RYDIA!!!), awesome storyline and Battle System…! (And by Battle System I mean, you can lern spell from leveling up)