Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?

Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?

This quiz has 64 possible outcomes…I rather enjoyed it. I ended up being my favorite FF character ever, Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII. And it turned out to be the best quiz result yet (as far as accuracy goes).

When I took the women’s portion, I ended up being Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX.

I don’t know… On quizzes like this people like to adjust the answers so they get their favourite character. I bet a lot of people are going to end up with Cloud and Sephiroth.

I got Wakka for the male and Freya for the female.

Laguna and Edea.

Mine said Zidane

Ellone and Steiner.

Cyan and Beatrix.

Bartz and… Mog? I’ve always thought Mog was a he… (at least the FFVI Mog).

I got Gogo at first then Yuna then Fujin, and then as a guy i got Wakka then Laguna. > _ < Totally wrong, my answer shouldn’t change with just one choice made different, plus would have been better if there were more then 2 choices ;p Wonder if theres more quizzes like that, with all the ff characters, though did it have all the ff characters? Oh its not all the ff’s its only from FFIV to FFX(thats what the quiz says at the beginning), boooooo! Wonder how many characters there are from all ff’s, more then 64 i guess.

Irvine and Quistis

Gau & Yunalesca. Interesting quiz in that the answers are brilliantly done… it’s just the questions that suck. :-/

Vincent and Ellone

Locke Cole

I got Fuujin and Irvine.

Locke and Raine.

LOL, I got Barret. That was WAY off. 8p

For male, I got Edge. Which I think is very inaccurate for me.

As for female, I got Freya. Which is actually a lot more accurate, than my male answer.

Kimari Ronso male, Yunalesca female, but I’m neither. I think kimarhi is a bit more accurate.

Freya and Vincent.

It is in my sig. I think it is a pretty good choice. By the way I like the nice new look of the forums. :cool:

I got Cyan on the Male and Relm on the Female.