Which Final Boss Fight was the most Fun?

Now FF7 and 9 were my favorite Final Fantasys but FF8 Final Boss fight was the best one. I could go and fight them over and over again I dunno why. (Sorry if this is a lame topic just new to forums heh)


If you enjoy that final fight, it’s a good idea to keep a save just before.

Assuming you haven’t already.

FFVII, because of the boss music and the design of Safer Sephiroth. He was just badass.

FF4 Zeromus was very fun for me,I just loved the battle’s background and music and it just seemed liked the most faced pasted battle in the hole game.

Also FFVII Safer Sephiroth because the first time i won that battle was because of a miracle.

Does Kingdom Hearts count? It was pretty fun. I mean, there’s 11 different battles you have to fight, even if you can beat most of them just by mashing X… but the third battle, the one with Ansem the second time on Destiny Island is the best, cuz you have to do more than just attack, thanks to that stupid guardian of his. Adds a bit more variety to it.

This isn’t a boss battle, but I LOVED the Fort Condor battle in FF7. I got a save file right before it, plus I have a ton of gil. It’s fun to just build those rock machines and the ones that shoot the fireballs. You don’t have to do anything, just sit there and watch them all die! :mwahaha:

Yeah Zeromus rocked the fact that he countered instead of just randomly slung out attacks made the battle more strategic. I think they did really well for the 2nd game on the SNES (When the SNES came out there were 2 games FF2/4 and Super Mario World)

heh, yeah, that battle where “stoner” and “tristoner” arent names you call people…

when i fight a last boss, the thing that always sticks in my head is the music. that’s why safer sephiroth is my favourite. but then again it takes me days to get that tune out of my head, it even haunts me in my sleep ::doh::

generally i like every final boss fight, but the one from FF9 was waaaay to easy, just like ju-yevon

I’m Surpised that Ultros hasn’t been mentioned yet. He has his own tune.

:ulty: Dances to His Boss Battle Music Yeah!! You are better than Macc!!

Mr Nutter, what does the thing called “Ultroses Contact” do?

:ulty: Nothing! Distroy it. (Yes!!)

Just give it here. I like Serveral Boss battles For differnt resons. Ultroses Quips. I Like FFX-2 Final Boss Battles, From Vegnagun Tail To Shuin, Is it me Jeckt, Braska and Auron.

Big Nuttter
I Like All the Biggs And Wedge Battles. (FF6+FF8)

I liked FF5’s neo-exdeath, since he was just a big amorphus blob of fleshy matter

Kingdom hearts final battle was also very cool

I vote Exdeath, since that’s the only final boss battle I’ve made it to, yet.
I really did find it fun, with the possible exception of the near seizure-inducing transformation I encountered the first time I fought him.

Neo-Exdeath seems like Squaresoft couldn’t find a suitable monster design, so they just mixed everything and created this guy :slight_smile:

The Final Fantasy VI end boss was my favourite. I had a lot of fun watching my characters get thwomped, then replaced with new ones in the next phase. That boss took some serious beatings too…

I dare say that this thread has spoilers for some people, but either way-

My vote goes to… um… well, Sephiroth, not cause I liked him the most as a villan, but because the battle looked badass, the music was great, and he got his ass pwned.

I would say Zeromus, I still haven’t beaten him on my Playstation >__<, I really need to beat him on ANY system I guess. But that’s the only system I haven’t on, and it’s not like anything would change it.Really, the numerous deaths in that game were a little wrenching, and at times seemed too much. The way the final battle manipulated the memories of all the fallen heros was very nice. Wish the whole Elder-made-us-a-potion and Yang’s fairies thing hadn’t destroyed the tragedy of it all…grumble

true Zeromus can be hard, the first time I’ve beaten him Cecil was the only survivor
But when your Chars are on Lv99 its much easier :slight_smile:

FFIV. Zeromus was my first, and I’ll never forge tthat hot summer night we spent together.

women never forget their first bad guy :wink: