Which ff has the best soundtrack

i have no ideas someone help



In my opinion it would be FF6 with FF7 a close second…

I would say 7, but 10 also has some very good songs! Especially Other World (the rock song from the Blitzball movie) and Suteki Da Ne (the Yuna/Tidus song, true, but very good!) The only one I really liked from FF8 was the Laguna battle theme.

Yeah.FF8 had its rare moments for me, but most of it just sounded like any original music piece that reminded me of the crappy tracks from old old SNES games…except for Eyes On Me…my boyfriend says that’s our song for some reason so I cant help but love it:D


FF6 hands down in my opinion. FF7’s nice also, but nowhere close.

not as many tracks on it, but I really enjoyed FFT.

Final Fantasy VI absolutely.

Hmm… I’ve not played that much of 6 so I can’t really comment there, but it’s definitely between 7 and 10… 10 just because the music really seems to “take you there” in a way I’ve never seen before :slight_smile:

FFVI. Most definitely. <Jams to Magitech Factory music>

FFVI. There’s no contest here. FFVII is also good, though.

IX, followed closely by VI, with VII a distant third.

For me it would be Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy VI, FFIX and maybe FFIII over all. I’m pretty indecisive through.


okay i’ll set up some competitions and we’ll find out which ones the best

still more fighting (boss theme ff7) vs the landing (garden vs garden theme just before you talk to the garden ff8)

battle theme (final fantasy 9) vs Battle theme (final fantasy 10)

some more,
the airship song from final fantasy 5 vs the battle theme from final fantasy 6

click on these to listen and decide.
http://www.ffcompendium.com/midis/9track2.mid vs http://www.ffcompendium.com/midis/10blitzers.mid

The best by Uematsu are FF4 ~ FF6, FF9 and FF11. For all non-Uematsu composed FFs, I have to say I like them all (FFMQ, FFT, FFX-2).

I really like the FFVIII soundtrack, as well as the FFVII soundtrack. I recently purchased the FFX one, and it’s quite good as well.

final fantasy 6.

There have been songs I’ve like on all of them, but I would have to go with FF7, as the very best, but I would seriously like a disc with all my favourite ones on, premade of course!