which FF has the best music?

which final fantasy game do you think has the best music?

Six. No. Question.

This was already asked several weeks ago wasn’t it…?

if it was, i obviously didn’t see the thread…::doh::

Originally posted by Evangelion
This was already asked several weeks ago wasn’t it…?

Hey, it’s a good question. It’s entitled to be repeated.

And it’s seven for me, but I’d reather hear that music all orchestrated instead of synthy-orchestrated. I’d be totally satisfied with that soundtrack then

Mystic Quest has awesome music, but from those I’d say 6.

MQ, then 6, then 5.

i wanted to put more choices than that…but only 10 were allowed…

FF7, but as Xcg said, if it were to be completely orchestrated, it’d be much better.

I liked Final Fantasy IX’s soundtrack the best. The synthing was real good, the songs actually sounded like they were played with real instruments. All songs correspond with the mood of the setting. And who can forget Melodies of Life?

I can. That was probably the only song in the game that I didn’t like. Well, that and Alexandria, first visit.

i don’t know why, but i’ve always liked japanese-voiced game music the best(example: japanese opening theme from mmx4), but that’s beside the point…

you ARE sad…

10’s had a lot of effort into it, but I like 7’s style more. Hard to decide :stuck_out_tongue:

I went for FFVI mainly because the opera song is so memorable to me. I actually remember all the words for it. It’s a shame Cala backed out on the story reincanation thing. I was going to rewrite the entire thing.

it was dragonessa’s idea, not cala’s.:slight_smile:

i found FF MQ’s music the best but out of that list i’d say FFVIII. the music in that was great, shame i can’t say the same thing about the game over all though

Chrono Trigger! Er, I mean, FF6 :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoyed the music from FFVI. All the FF’s had great music and I like them all but i would have to say FFVI is the greatest. FFVII could have changed the music. IX… I liked the use of instruments. VIII… I really like the music from the opening FMV. Does anyone know what that was called???

I can say 6, except :ulty: 's theme. I liked the little music-box music in the main screen of 9 too.

But no doubt, the one I liked the most was Tales of Phantasia’s opening, just after Zero’s theme in MMX3.

For me FF6 had the best music. FF7 was also good, “One Winged Angel” is one of my favourite FF pieces of music.