Which FF game do you think was the hardest?

For me it was FFVII although i haven’t played a few Fantasys :frowning: and FFX the side-quests were hard to do. What do you think?

3j. That sucker was…augh. I haven’t played much of 2j, though.

Depends what you mean by “hard”. If you mean “annoyingly cheap”, then probably FF1. If you mean really challenging, probably FF5. FF3 was somewhere between the two.

FFTactics definately. Fucking Velius/Elmdor/Weigraf fights. It seems like everytime I replay some other fight is annoying difficult while the hard ones from my last playthrough get one-shotted.

10-2, just to get it too 100% done was hard, and annoying.


Which Elmdor and Wiegraf fights? The first ones are a pain, thanks to our beloved Rafa charging straight into Elmdor’s sword like 3/4 of the time and Wiegraf’s Holy Knight skills being a bit too much that early into the game (And I swear they tweaked his insta-kill ratio in that fight). The second ones are considerably easy. However, Wiegraf’s one-on-one and Velius are torture no matter what. I can’t even remember how many times I went against that damn thing.

To those who say Tactics, you can always level up to where it would be impossible to lose. Since the story line fights don’t level as you do.

Not hard per se. I finished the last disc of FF VIII through sheer “if you don’t do this now, you’ll never play it again”. And what did I get, I ask you? Pacing, it’s a female dog.

That was the easiest FF in existance o_O;

For me it has to be FF4.

Not because it’s particularly difficult.

But because of Zeromus.

Damn yoo Zeromus ¬.¬

VII or V. But V’s customizability made up for it, as did VII’s story.

The hardest FF in my opiion was FFII i hate that games leveling up system and i just plain out hate it

For me, it was VIII, because I had no clue how to get stonger weapons XD So I got through the game with all the original weapons, and that made it a pain in the butt.
The hardest in terms of annoying had to be FFX-2… poor game just wasn’t fun and a chore to get through.



Uh Locke, isn’t 11 an online multiplayer?

Yeah, but it’s the hardestttttttt

Man has a point.

Also X is hard for getting a time of 0:00 seconds on that Damn Chocobo Minigame

FF8 because you needed a pocoket station, (wherever you find those)cheats, and to understand the Wall rules to get a 100%. It was also a pain in the but to find monsters that arent too easy, or tough. Oh, and you have to draw 100+ times to have Selphie or Rinoa get the maximum amount of holy/full cure/Ultima spells. It took forever to draw all of the other stuff too.If you want every person to have 100 fire spells without exchanging or whatever it is called, you need to make 3 trips. The first one to gain,then kill the enemys, then exchange, the do it 2 more times.WTF

i could barely understand that, let alone do it myself