Which FF character do you think is most human?

I think squall.

Gotta be Zidane.

Well i also think Zidane,also maybe Tidus.

There are so many things wrong with that, I don’t even wanna get into it. But anyway, I personally found Kain from FFIV to be rather human. Has a DnD willpower of 1, but human.

Define “human”.

To me, human means “to have human feelings.” In that sense, I’ve seen alien characters with more virtue than certain ‘human’ ones.

As to which I find MOST human in FF? Hmm, gotta think about that. Will get back to you.

Originally posted by griever
I think squall.

I agree. Squall and some of the other characters in ff8 are very human.

I think Red XIII. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

I gotta go with Zidane.

If you mean the most realistic human, as in someone who has the same sorts of thoughts and reactions as a regular human would, I’m gonna have to go with Tidus.

Squall-Depression. Everybody has it. He had it most realisticly.

Zidane: Male pervyness rules!

Tidus: He showed all emotions. He’s a wuss, but a realistic one. But to add insult to injuer, the Jai guy on Queer Eye has Tidus’ hair and necklace idea.

I’d have to say Squall and Rinoa… the love scene in space was a very touching human moment

I agree about that whole Tidus thing, cept he was only an ignorant wuss in the begining. He was doing allright by the end of the game.

In order from most to least:
and Cloud, being the least human. There are too many sub-characters to list, like Laguna, Edgar, Cid, or even Cid. Cid was pretty human too, but i think Cid was even more human.

FF4-Kain or Rosa. For reasons I forget. But they stood out to me the most

FF5-Faris, obviously, since none other characters showed any interesting original characteristics.

FF6-Celes or Terra I guess. The game seemed to focus around them and thier feelings.

FF7-Sephiroooooth. Showed the most emotion definately. Not necessarily human in normal terms, but he wanted to dominate…

FF8-Probably Rinoa. Squall was just “homina homina homina Im depressed I dont need anybody Seifer so hot” etc etc etc. Too predictable. Im not saying RInoa wasn’t either but she seemed the most alive.

FF9-Can’t remember…I had a problem with the characters. I never really favored Vivi but I’d say he fits this category the most.

After some thinking, I’ve chosen Cecil, from FF4. Just think about all the things he went thru (and his reactions to them):
-He discovers that he’s been serving evil- right after being tricked into DESTROYING the Summoner’s Village. He tries to make up for it by helping the only survivor (who at first hates him, understandably.)
-Then he finds out his girlfriend risked her life to be with him (What? She wasn’t the stay-at-home damsel? She’s gasp a HERO herself??)
-Then his best friend turns AGAINST him!! (and has a crush on HIS girlfriend, too!)
-He sees his friends DIE!! (OK, so all but one came back. But hey, it LOOKED like he’d lost them!)
-He forgives Kain… and he BETRAYS him again???
-His worst foe is- HIS BROTHER??
-And of course, there’s the whole PURIFY-YOURSELF scene where he fights his dark side and wins by NOT using violence!

Yeah, I feel FF4 and 6 had the more character-building storylines so far.

I’m agreeing with Wil for that one statement. I loved that scene, it owned. No other FF, with the exception of maybe Cele’s decision to/not kill herself was as good, and even in that it was just case of do-well-at-fish-gathering. Cecil’s required thought. Pwnability is Cecil’s.

I think Squall and Rinoa are probably the most human, and possible Auron too. I also seem to remember Kain from FF4 being rather human.

I’d also have to go with Tidus or Squall if we’re speaking only about FF games, but I found Maxim and Selan from Lufia II to be possibly the most human characters of any game I’ve ever played.

I think Zidane, Vivi, and Tidus

Definitely Tidus, his actions were understandable.

Cid for me. He’s so honest, so determined. And yet, he’s the most vulgar character in a FF game. Then again, maybe vulgarity makes him all the more human. Flawed and all.