Which extra feature would you most like to have in the next-generation of consoles?


<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Way to rip off gamefaqs.

I want it to not suck.

And despite Sony’s bullshit, four controller ports is FUCKING STANDARD. SONY, EAT A DICK.

I’d want a built in network adapter. I loved that part of the Dreamcast.

Hard Drive. Thank you Microsoft. No more expensive memory cards.

4 controller ports is what I would want the most.

4 controller ports, hard drive would be second option.

Hard Drive, memory cards are a rip off.

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<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Way to rip off gamefaqs.

Ain’t it a kick in the pants?

I would like to have a hologram projector in them.

4 controler ports…actually, I’d like to be able to hook up two TVs and have 8 players, but then again, I might like multiplayer games a tad more than the next guy.

Also, I’ll argue a hard drive: I think that might be kind of stupid. Say you’ve gotten to level 6 in some video game, then you bring the disk over to your friends to play with all of the things you’ve unlocked that he hasn’t (since he’s stuck on level 3). Now you have to play on his file, and you can’t use that cool secret character you’ve become so good with.

Of course, you could always bring your system over to his house, but seriously, unless it’s the size of a gamecube (which uses memory cards anyway), you’re not going to be hauling it places.

I know that seems like a dumb reason, but I think it makes sense. I had that problem a lot with the N64 games, since I’d want to play on my cartarage and my friend would want to play his (different things unlocked, or whatever). This was fixed by the controller-plug-in-memory-cards.

Of course, I was also somewhat reluctant to give up the carterage and switch to the disk because it meant needing the memory cards if you wanted to save at ALL. In short, I think memory cards are better than a hard drive, but a hard drive in ADDITION wouldn’t hurt. (I think every game should come with a small memory card that can fit save data on it.)

A missile guidance system…

I would like to have a halogram too.