Which DVD to get next...

OK, This really a Poll but I’m asking which Anime DVD to get next. So Sin Don’t Shut this MOVE IT!!!

I will not be able to buy all DVD’s in one go, due to Cash flow.

Why I’m choose this Top 3:

I’ve Played the Hack Games and would like to know more about the The World.

Love Hina
You guys recomened it some times. Plus some “Aquired” Divx Videos make say yup. Very Funny and … Run!!

(I yelled “Waiii!!” quite loudy, when I saw Naru on a Cover of Love Hina DVD, unexpected)

Excel Saga
Spoons out fit still affects me. Said to Be Very Funny

Of course Add any other DVD’s that are Both in english and is Region 2

Get Azumanga Diaoh instead…or Alien 9.

Other-Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 was pretty awsome.