Which do I get?

Breath of Fire Dragon Quater or Zelda the Wind waker?

I got my allounce today and I’m having trouble deciding between the two, any advise/suggestions?:fungah:

You may decide using the most rational way throws a coin up head is for BoF, tails for Zelda.

I’d go for Zelda. Just because the Nina in that BoF game looks so damned weird.

Get the new Zelda. No matter what SG tells you Dragon Quarter is a game for a good rent. Personally I wouldn’t keep Dragon Quarter if you paid me, it is very…very…very…well not very good at keeping my interest. Don’t know about you but it’s not my kind of game. Not to mention it’s pretty short…so is Wind Waker but Wind Waker is just horrendously fun to me. Bah, I’m a Zelda-whore basically :stuck_out_tongue:

Wind waker is very short and small, but feels big. Haven’t played DQ too much. Go with Xenosaga if you don’t have it.

Yeah Xenosaga is good for 40 minute battles and like being a movie.

Everybody here knows I’m biased against Dragon Quater… besides, Zelda is much more fun. Go for it.

Zelda is a more reliable series, but I have heard really great things about Breath of Fire. I suggest that you take Ren’s scientific method.

Or decide for yourself, silly. We certainly have much different opinions than you. :wink:

Does DQ really suck that much? A low blow for such a great series like BoF…

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Personally, I’d go with Wind Waker, since I’ve never been too hot on the whole Breath of Fire series. And the celshading looks interesting.

But DQ is a short game because it’s made for replay value… or something. Just something random SG screams out every now and then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d personally not buy either, but that’s because I haven’t played them (one of them is on a console I don’t have, and it’s not Dragon Quarter)

Both are Cel-shaded but to put it simply…DQ butchers the art of cel shading. Nina looks like a homeless five year old who hasn’t eaten in six years and Ryu looks like Alfalfa as a crack-whore who gets beaten by his clients too much. The Cel-shading in Wind Waker is amazing, so if you’re a graphics whore go with Wind Waker :stuck_out_tongue:


As much as I joke around and plug the game, I realize that my opinion is gasp just an opinion, and I can tell you just like I can tell anyone that, realistically, Dragon Quarter isn’t a game that everyone would like. Don’t be so frickin’ rude as to WARN people not to take my opinion into consideration. Jesus christ.

Anyways. I’ve never played Wind Waker, but I heard it was great. I don’t own a GCN. If you’re a real big fan of Zelda, I’d go for it, It’s a safe bet, after all, cos I’ve never seen a bad review for it.

Dragon Quarter in my OPINION is a great game, and probly the best one on PS2 thus far. However, it’s a hit-or-miss game; you’re either gonna love it or hate it. If you really wanna decide on whether or not you like Dragon Quarter, think if you’ve ever played Vagrant Story. If you like that, the fighting in Dragon Quarter is very similar to Vagrant Story, with a hint of Xenogears in it. Don’t buy Dragon Quarter if you’re looking for an epic story, cos, while Dragon Quarter’s story is good and it ends happy, it’s not epic. Hell, it’s only like 20 hours. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, just keep in mind that it’s nothing like the other 4 BoF games. It’s a lot more like Vagrant Story.

Wind Waker! It came out in the UK today!!!

it’s freekin’ Zelda, do you even need to have other options?

BoF : DQ is a great game. I personally enjoy it. I’d say get Zelda first just because, as someone already said, “It’s freakin Zelda. Do you need any other options.” However I would most certainly recommend you get BoF : DQ. My advice, however, do not expect it to fit in like the other BoF’s. Just play it as any other rpg.

…how 'bout you get both?

Personally I prefer Zelda, but I do understand why BoF is so popular!

But truly, you should get the one you think you’ll have more fun on first, and the other one second.

Originally posted by Jiharn
I’d go for Zelda. Just because the Nina in that BoF game looks so damned weird.

Right. Go for Windwaker, where everything looks wierd!

I’m surprised no one’s said “try renting both first to see what you like best” which, while a little obvious, is always a good idea, but I’d personally go for Wind Waker, purely because I’ve always preferred Zelda to BoF :slight_smile: