Which console game controller is the best?

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NES, hell, that controler was so durible you could throw it at the wall, and it would make a dent in the wall.

The NES controller - not only was it durable, it had pointy edges to bludgeon your unwitting foes to death. Or unconsciousness, whichever comes first.

The PlayStation controller, I would have to say. It’s the only one I have successfully been able to move my character around with using only my face. 8)

X-Box makes controllers that vary in size.

GC controllers fit in my hand perfectly, so I’m going with them.

Personally, I really like the X-Box controller. I think it’s the second one they released or whatever, without the bigass thing in the center.
(You people must have some freakin’ small hands if you think those controllers are big :P)

Edit: The PS2 comes in second, and the GCN controller comes in dead last, sucking the ass of the PS2 controller along the way.

I’m surprised no one has said “keyboard”. 8P

Im probably the only one here that actually feels comfortable with the X-Box controller.but true the ones i most like are the playstation and SNES contrlollers.

Didn’t they make a smaller version of the X-Box controller?

Yeah, they made the Xbox controller’s smaller, but I don’t have one so I assume it has to do with button placement or something. Anyway, I prefer the PS2 controller.

Dreamcast, and GameCube.
I like them both.

I’ve got one, X-box controllers aren’t bad at all, they’re comfortable, just not as comfortable as GC’s to my hands.

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[b]X-Box: Way to big and bulky for my tastes. (4/10)

So it’s a tie between the controller for the Gamecube & PS2. [/b]

What about the Controller-S? It is the same size as the GC controller for the most part. In fact, the "fat boy"as many call it is hard to find now. It no longer comes standard with the system and isn’t stocked much. I only ask this since you say that the size ruins the controller. I think that the controller is pretty good, except the black and white buttons since they just aren’t as good as two shoulder buttons.

As for my taste:
XBOX - fine, but needs to rework the black and white buttons.
PS2 - Needs to relocate the left analog stick so that it is the more natural/dominate control.
GC - needs more buttons, R/L need to have sensitivety and size reworked, needs a better C stick, needs to lower and make bigger the Z button, feels comfortable otherwise.
N64 - sucks, not enough buttons, awkward setup, can’t use all the buttons without switching hands, etc.

On a side note, I don’t get why so many people complain about the XBOX controller being so big when it is the same size as the DC controller and has more to it.

Only complaint I have about the x-box controller is the wierd ass black/white button setup. Basically I’m agreeing with info on everything but the ps2 controller, I cant really find any faults except it breaks easy if you throw one against the wall >_>

Best is a tie between SNES and 6-button Genesis.

New system goes to DreamCast

The GC’s my favorite. I tried the xbox and I couldn’t stand it. N64 wasn’t so bad, but the PS controller is much better. PS is analogous to PS2 also.

Power Gloves any day. I’m trying to find one for PS2 right now, but alas, I can’t.

ps2 is kinda nice… easy to use

Thedreamcast controller is alright though it is hard to reach the start button if you have small hands

I like the PS2 controller best. X-Box one is good too, and I don’t have a problem with the size, I’ve used both. I don’t know if I’ve ever tried a gamecube controller. N64 requires you to have a third hand if you want to easily use all of the buttons.

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Although playing four hours straight with the control sticks nearly wrecked my hands.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> I thought you denied all accusations and claimed to be shrining?