Which character would you prefer?

Well, I’m working on my RM2K3 game, and I don’t know which character’s quest to start first, so this poll actually has some meaning to it (well, not really, but it’s not pointless).

I won’t give names just yet (then again, some of you know them anyways). But in the game itself, you can choose which of these characters you wish to start out with.

Gee, I wonder…

Go with your original plan. Unless you plan to make a <b>very short</b> pre-story plot thing to make your main character’s story more interesting or something.

I’m saying the Male Dragoon, but you use whatever one you want, they all sound like interesting people.

duude, if the leader can have sons, why not just play some crappy american pc rpg where every character is 40+ years old and has facial hair?

The male dragoon sounds the best to me

I’m all for magic, so take the wizard girl.


Actually use whatever you think is best. Good luck!