Which cast would you prefer?

This is just something that popped into my head.

Anyway, would you rather an RPG have a cast of boring characters, or annoying characters? That is, which is less bad?

I’d rather them hold my attention and be annoying. Either way, I probably wouldn’t finish this game, whatever it is… lol

Boring I guess. It’s a no win situation. Annoying would just make me turn the game off sooner I think.


I would have to go with the annoying cast of characters.Hey…I have’nt left you guys yet.

hey I was just kidding TrkJac!

(BTW what time is it whare you are? here is reallylate)(only TrkJac respond now.Okay?)

I can’t stand any of them. But I’d rather take dull people than irritating.

I prefer characters real people can relate to. Somehow Lunar comes to find.

I prefer characters that people generally consider annoying, like Selphie, Yuffie, and Precis, since they tend to be my favorite characters in their respective games.

As for characters that I myself find annoying (Squall, I’m looking at you!), it depends on the game. If it’s a game where the story isn’t the main focus, I’ll take the boring ones. If the story is the main focus, I’ll take the annoying ones.

Depends…do you mean like…EVERY character is annoying? Or like Phantasy Star 4, where every character except one (Hahn!) was annoying? :stuck_out_tongue:

I chose boring, since I wouldn’t play either way. :stuck_out_tongue:

annoying characters for me. They’d probably keep my attention more. But isn’t this kinda asking which cast do you prefer, the ones from Tales of Symphonia, or Star Ocean till the end of time? I found the characters of Tales of Symphonia to be rather annoying, and Star Ocean rather boring, but that was just me. Though whether I’d play the game or not, depends how fun the gameplay is. I love the battle of Star Ocean, even though they seemed to make the whole plot rather boring and dry.