Where's the snow?

Am I complaining that it’s ten degrees on December 26th? No. Am I wondering what the fuck is going on? Yes :open_mouth:

Anyone living around southern Ontario will know what I’m talking about. This is getting ridiculous.

Global warming ftw.

Polar bears are DROWNING, man.

We need a nuclear winter to counterbalance it.

Quebec is getting nailed right now, appreciate what you have :stuck_out_tongue: (or rather don’t).

Living in Canada gives me an appreciation for global warming.

yeah we just got 10 cm of snow today.

Sorry to burst y’all’s bubbles, but it was 78 degrees here today.

Poor polar bears :’(

I’ve heard global warming would bring <i>more</i> snow for a while, since the freezing water from the glaciers would raise sea levels and keep down the ocean temperature.

But anyway, yeah, most of Michigan has had a snowless Christmas. My parents even had to cancel a surprise ski trip.

Yes, and drown Holland and Venize and a lot of islands in the Pasific.

It hasn’t snowed at all here in south-western Norway.

It hasn’t snowed where I live yet either, which is really weird, it always snows by christmas usually.

How does that burst anyone’s bubble? That’s pretty much average at this time of year for where you live. 10 degrees Celsius (over 50 Fahrenheit) in southern Ontario at the end of December is ridiculous. It should be -10 to -15.

We’re going to be the ones who’ll tell the next generation that when we were kids we used to walk uphill both ways through snow as high as our waists to get to school. :hahaha;

I live in frigging Santa Claus country and it was ¤%"#% 5 degrees out there today.


Less shoveling = more happiness, as far as I’m concerned.

Where I am were getting snowed on right now, about 5cm is on the ground.

The ironic thing about this is that it snowed here in Vancouver pretty heavily back in late November. Usually it doesn’t snow until Jan or Feb if it snows at all.

OCTOBER SUPRISE STORM. Hearing that gay name on the radio pissed me off, while I fucking froze for 2 weeks.

Uh oh. Hades’ igloo must be melting.

Yes, it was indeed a lot too warm this year. Right now we’ve temperatures below 0, but it doesn’t snow… and it will get warmer again, the coastal regions of Germany will get up to 13°C oO

After the horrible amounts of snow we got a month ago, I’m glad it’s nice and sunny here now.