Wheres that thread about the mechs?

Someone posted a thread about a japanese bi-pedal mech a while back. I can’t find it for the life of me and I may even have the wrong forum… Either way, anyone know what I’m talking about?

Quoting a rather common phrase seen in hentai forums:


Ehem… here you go Iz.

wow, it can lift its leg up to like one inch, so as long as it doesnt have to face curbs, it s undestructable.

Edit - nm, found the search button, thanks again!

yeah, like your giant ass you stupid glory stealing dirt-pirate

Charl - 0
BMO - 1


Meh, I’m not impressed until it can trample children.

I hope that in the future they mass produce bipedal tanks so I can go on a rampage destroying them with a sholder mounted rocket launcher.

Who cares if they’re bipedal

They still can’t stand up to spawn broodlings :frowning:

Broodlings are nothing. They can’t even affect Scouts!

EDIT: Or Carriers

Yes they can, they have those hellfire missiles.

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