Where's Infonick located again?



He said he’d be near, but not in Somalia.


Yeah, stuff has been picking up in Somalia a little bit, but it hasn’t affected us too much here in Djibouti (which is just north of Somalia). A couple of patrols got word that some guerillas were in the area, but nobody saw anything and it is still pretty calm here. Some reporters are trying to get in on the story, which is something that was a minor problem for a day or so, but nothing too bad. Somalia isn’t too big of a concern for us at the moment. I’m probably in the safest area though, so this stuff doesn’t really affect me. Oh yeah, I’m doing all right out here. It is just boring as hell. They say that this is actually one of the, if not the, hottest place in the world (yes, even hotter than Iraq). I’ve got some new pictures, so I’ll try and post them for you guys to see.

Do you mean hot as in temperature or hot as in fighting?

Or the third hot. As in… well, you know…

Goes silent

And of course you’re not going to see anything if Guerrillas are in the area… would they be Geurrilla otherwise ? ^_~


Hot temperature wise.

Hey Info, good to see you’re still among the living. :smiley: Must suck, being in that heat with all your gear on, etc. I suggest, if they’ll let you have one, one of those little pocket fans.

Ahh, alright. Good.

I didn’t even know we had bases in Djibouti.

Like a fireman, scorching in a heavy uniform.

Info is not in Somalia, his location clearly states that he is at my momma’s house. And my mommas house is in southern california and NOT in Africanistan.