Where to start...

I guess this is where it goes. I have to stop, stop it all. My online life been eating anything I had left of a real social life. It made me lazy. It made me incapable to act. Its a weight that won’t let me move. Talking to people online was great, but it won’t help me… I know that, if I don’t stop now, here, and on my own will… in 5 years, you’ll see me in front of the computer all day like you do today. This is why I need a break. This is why I need to cut myself, from the net. I need to get a grasp of my real life. I cannot, for my own sake, continue this online life. Expect me to see me online a lot less. And even when I’ll be online, chances are I will be playing a game.

You’re always playing RO anyway.

Not sure if you’re serious or not, Book, but assuming you are: do what you feel you gotta do to live a better life. You’ll be missed, honest. Good luck.

Best wishes with your life, famous kitsune :cool:

You’ll be back.

They always come back! You, and you, and YOU! points to nobody in particular

Just deal with your life, then return. There’ll always be a place for you here.

YOU have made you lazy. Get some willpower.

Honestly, I kinda know the feeling.

Be seeing you around, Books. Be well.

Haha. Yea. I’ve tried to leave the internet, but a week later, it sucked me back in.

But in all seriousness, if you really are leaving, then best of luck to you in the real world.

Welcome Back.

you guys are so supportive. :hahaha;

Fuck, you’ll probably see me still here five years down the line, only in my case it’s on weekends. Rather than cutting yourself off completely, just limit your 'net usage or something. You have to have some willpower in there.

I’ve been on 24/7 for the past 2 years, I think I can handle 5 more.

Thank god my computer is such a hulking piece of shit, that it actually limits the amount of time i spend on the internet.


Booken, it is not about the internet. You can lead a normal life and an online one normally. A limit on online time is needed, but completely cutting on internet does not accomplish much on getting a real life. You’ll see you don’t have a start to get your real one.

Well said, ren.

Anyways, I somewhat know the feeling. Try doing a real-life thing thats at least kinda related to online stuff, like playing multiplayer video games with other people (I mean hotseat, not online multiplay). Or even better, try getting into pen and paper RPGs and setting up a game with some people IRL. Get into one of those collectable card/miniature games like M:TG. Those are still gaming, but offline (though you can play D&D online, you get what I mean. I hope).

I wasn’t quite an online-a-holic as you’re making yourself out to be (that is NOT a put down), but it did work for me. Somewhat. I still spend a lot of time online, but I have a social life now.

I agree with Ren,you just need to know how to limit your time in the internet,as long as you know that you will see you can get time for anything you need,or want to do.Why not start creating good habits.

Good for you. Stop paying for those stupid MMORPGs (You know which one I’m talking about!) and do something productive.

Man Cless, he said in his first post that whenever he’s online he’s going to be playing it anyway.

Oh, I thought he said “chances are <i>less</i> I will be playing a game”. Damnit Booken, you’ll die a virgin.