Where should i take my date?

Suggest places. Whichever is suggested the most wins.

An aquarium, the bitches love fishes.

food u mean right, if it is food, dont go to an italian place unless u are good with noodles, they tend to get messy. If it is for entertainment, bowling, movie theaters, prolly the theater unles she is more active, then bowling. Prolly for the food place, try a seafood place, unless she doesnt like seafood. Then go to a steak place or fancy place, they have a variety.

Dinner (nothing too fancy. Keep it within your price range) and a movie. Theme parks are fun to take dates to if you have one near you :smiley:

unless ur loaded, then go fancy, and i dont think he wants to take her to a aquarium, nobody would want to take a girl there when u say stuff like that.

Id love to go to an aquarium :frowning:

If she’s anything like me, taking her to the mall and buying her stuff would make her squeeeeeeal

ya she would like it, cuz she would want everything in the store. One time Eva, i could have sworn it said male under your gender. Im confused, maybe its was someone else.

Shes a trickster. Stay away from that one kid, shes seduced many a man.

she hasnt seduced u yet, i think its u who needs to watch out, the girl i like only likes shopping to get clothes to where, and food to eat, she doesnt do it for fun, shes kinda like me. We have a lot in common, wow im off track, anyways…what does she like to do, if its a good date u want, do somthing she likes, ask her, but dont really ask her. Like not flat out where do u want to go for our date.

it said, “I am male! Dont let anyone tell you any differently!” or something like that, thus, it was a blatant hint that I was anything but male. Sometimes people confuse my gender because of my vulgarity (or so I like to think) so I make ha-has about it.

Anyway hmm what else. Movies and dinner are pretty much the generic, simplistic ways to go about things. It’s a neutral kind of thing. I dunno if she’s into clubbing, but that’s another option. Food, movie, dancing, fun fun fun!

I like peculiar dates…nothing too overly romantic, especially for a first date. For this reason, I’d reccomend doing quirky things, like uhh…

  • Take her to a downtown area with cool stores.

  • Take her to the concentration camp alone…but only do this if you know she’s pretty into you, and likes getting scared; otherwise, you’ll just look fuckin’ creepy, lol!

  • Take her to the swap meet! If you have a girl who likes you to buy them things, this is the best place. Everything costs like 10 cents, and it’s an interesting place usually.

  • Go do something active, like bowling or dancing.

  • (Actually, aquariums and theme parks are interesting too, there just aren’t any where I live :confused: Another good one I heard from Sinistral is that he took a date of his to some La Brea Tar Pits! That’s so fuckin’ cool. Hey Sin, if you want me to remove this, just tell me or edit it manually. I don’t know if this is OMG personal or something, heh. :P)

For food options:

  • Take her to the food court at the mall and make fun of people. This gives you soooo many options to be funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Take her to a local joint. I often take my dates to the local mexican food joint, and they think that I am really cultured and shit because my taste in Mexican food is all impeccable or some shit. :stuck_out_tongue: “What? You’ve never had an Empanada de Queso before? Girl, you haven’t lived!” Such a good fucking prop. :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t give you any tips on HOW to date, cos I remember from your chick advice that you know what the hell you’re doing, lol :stuck_out_tongue: But Let me just say that I am a firm believer in going dutch or really inexpensive on first dates. This is particularly important to establish if you’re poor and like doing expensive things, like bowling or dancing. Have a blast, and pork her.

SG, always about the porking -_-;;

the local garbage dump! free food, free fun, and lots of nice birds!

Take her up to Dead Man’s Curve! It’s been ten years since that fateful night when Bobby Hudson lost his life in a race. They say his ghost haunts that curve to this very day. :frowning:

So, naturally, it’s a great place to park.

“The back seat of a Camero.”

the zoo? Zoo is fun ^^

Hooters, supposedly they have pretty good wings.

the pork processing plant has a nice tour

So 984, if i cut you, do you bleed comedy?

Clubbing is a good idea. I think that might be what i do. Food then clubbing. I’ve never been, so at least it will be something new. Aquarium and Zoo would be nice, but this is at night, and also, i don’t have a zoo near me =(

That and some red sticky stuff.