Where has all the rum gone?

Hey, all. I know I’m a bit of a fourm lurker now (internet has been buggy, time has been short) but I still check in every now and again.

Anyways, my 21st birthday is next Friday, and I’ve already made plans to pick up a good ol’ bottle of Rum from the ABC store nearby. Originally, I was going to pick up some coke to go with it. I rarely drink, but I absolutely go ga-ga for rum and coke when it’s present. And it’s not like I’m going to get stone drunk or anything.

Question IS (to all Rum connesieours (sic lol?) what else would you recommend to mix with Rum? Some people have already recommend souls of the innocent, and undead fetuses, but I’m prefering other drinks of the non-alcoholic persusasion.

So… what does anyone out there prefer for a lip-smacking rum drink?

(wonders if this topic might be locked for this…)

All I know is this - from my experience, dark rum and light rum should not be used interchangeably. :smiley:

Pina Colada! I love Pina Coladas.

Also, what rum are you getting? For a 21st, I’d suggest Bacardi 151 :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking in retrospect, my 21st birthday may actually be one of the worst things to happen to me.

Seconded. Although I prefer Captain Morgan Parrot Bay in Pina Colada, and a little umbrella in it for ceremony. ^^

But WHY is the rum gone?

Why is the rum always gone?

Where has all the rum gone? …into Hershey’s Rum and Cream!

I hear the rum has defected to Cuba and the diplomats are going haywire.

Yeah, so I read on the back of the bottle what 151 was. Basically a “quicker-fuck-her-upper.” I went with Bacardi classic? silver? I forgot. It’s in the freezer, gettin’ chilly with the Coca-Cola for later tonight. I’ll be sure to try Captain Morgan next time.

For something REALLY nasty, try this. Jim Bean + Dr. Pepper. It tastes like wood smells.

Paris Hilton married the rum, and they have a kid named Pina

And as for your question, I just like straight rum, chased down with coke. But I can’t drink Captain Morgan anymore cause of the bad experiences I’ve had with it. Jack Daniels or something like that really tastes the best imo.