Where five years goes

Looks like here. The earliest surviving post that I made on RPGClassics.com is listed as <A HREF=“http://web.archive.org/web/19990429170053/http://www.rpgclassics.com/”>April 26th, 1999</A>, over five years ago. Of course, that was after I’d finished the DW3 shrine, and picked up the FFVI shrine from someone else, but before the great deletion in which I lost the DW3 shrine, and whatever else I’d done by that point.

Amazing what happens in five years.

Ironic note about that post; I didn’t know Jim too well then, so I was just conveying a message, but who’d have known that he’d a) “inherit” this website, and b) get “overthrown” from this site. Funny, huh? }|>

Yeah, 5 years ago I was [STRIKE]stupid[/STRIKE]…seizure leading to paradoxical epiphany stupider.

RPGC, look how you’ve grown!

Into a vicious parasitical lifeform feeding on the lifeblood and souls of AOL’ers and other sub-human internet denizens?

Heil RPGC.

You act like we did more than that 5 years ago… oh wait, then we also used FrontPage. :smiley:

Things have changed quite a bit in just the 3 years or so I’ve been hanging out here, much more since that far back. Overall I’d say it’s a better place than it was back then.

<Jim> It’s my Shrine!!! }|>
<Shadow> NO, MINE!!!

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Ugh, don’t mention Shadow of Death…that guy write a code to save his life. Anyway, I didn’t really start visiting RPGC until 2000 when following Rast’s post at RPG Engine to look at the newest Macc HQ (which he was in). And the rest…is history.

God i love that waybackmachine thing. And, uh, congrats on 5 years of your life gone that you will never get back. >_> i guess.

I can’t see it there, but I remember liking the RPGC design that had the black (or at least really dark) background, mainly because all the staff’s personalized name images/icons looked really frikkin’ good on it. Plus, it was probably the first design of the site I saw, and first impressions tend to stick.

Edit: Also, since we’re on the topic, take a look at the messageboard, too: http://web.archive.org/web/19991013083621/rpgclassics.com/webboards/rpgboard.mv

I like to look through this message board, nevermind how ugly it is: http://users2.cgiforme.com/newrpgclassics/cfmboard2.html. This board came during Jim’s reign. Some people were pretty different back then. . .

It has grown.

It’s funny seeing that most everybody that posted there is still here - except for Dais and Geo, who stop by every so often. And Jim for obvious reasons.

*MrSaturn runs around in circles

Not like you have the best code ever.

Heh…this IS an amazing little site we gots here, ain’t it? Me, I’ll only have been here two years come September.

Raise your glasses, dudes…RPGC forever! :toast:

You act like that doesn’t still happen every time I go into the chat room. I’ve been doing that in chat rooms since at least 1997. :smiley:

I cna tell that I had been at RPGC for awhile by my messages and my name. When I first came to RPGC I kept changing names, but one fo my more common ones was “RPGames Webmaster.” It was a site I made. It had a promise, but I didn’t have the time to keep it up. I had several shrien quality sections though (mostly FFs that were already taken). I don’t even know where the page was located anymore. I think I came here either in 96 or 97, it’s been awhile. Once Rast left though, I sopped coming frequently because I was working at Rast’s other site (RPG Maker) making one of the sections for one of the RPG Makers.

Thank you.
This makes me feel young.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Dunno how my codes can be bad, they are all copied from other shrines, but meh. Anyway, I decided to check the archives for the “sister” of RPGC, Mysidia. This is the oldest archive with me in it (there is a 1999 update I didn’t check out), so enjoy and laugh at my even worst grammar at the time.