Where do you live?

I can see my house! (actually, apartment…)

If you want to see it too, open Google Earth. If you don’t have it, you can download it here. Then, in the ‘Fly to’ tab, type “Fortaleza” (without the quotes). You’ll be taken to the heart of the city where I leave.

[edit (thanks, Gun)]Oh, BTW… When you zoom in, things will look blurry at first. But just wait a little, as the program replaces textures between zoom levels. When you first use a zoom over a place it’ll take a few seconds to load the texture, but it’ll then be saved in a cache so next time you won’t have loading times.[/edit]

Take some mouse dragging to reach my place: the exact coordinates to it are 3º44’35.82" South, 38º30’09.22" West. It’ll be easier to find if you go to the View menu and click on Lat/Lon Grid.

Now it’s your turn!

Its so damn blurry. I can barely see anything, but ya, its cool.

The title of this thread sounds like the opening line to a stalker/slasher film.

:moogle:cool if you try to zoom in on the Microsoft building it disappears.

If you are looking at microsoft’s headquarters in Bellevue Washington you can probably see my apartment too… As I live across the street from it!!!

Have google earth.

Tried zooming into my place, but it was still blurry even after waiting forever for a new texture to load. Sucks to live in the middle of nowhere.

Yeah, I noticed that some areas arent as nice looking as others. Like, my home town in bum-fuck-nowhere (Kentucky) is blurry as shit. However, my new place in Washington is crisp, and I can even make out the mailbox cover near my place…!

Feel free to go “HAW-HAW!” at the fact that I live in an obscure place called Nelson, NH. Which, yes, is in the middle of nowhere.

I reside in the wonderful state of Texas.

Same -_-’

Sandnes, Norway. The red circle marks my house. I think.

404 not found, Nul.

I know. It’s fixed.

If you Type WN7 4HT in multimap, you got my old house. Circled!!

I’d bet You View is great Nul, compared to mine.

I’ve got new view at all. My house sits on a flat marshland.

:moogle: Were sorry.