Where do Ninja Robots belong? In schools of course!

Recently, Shinobi got an A for an assignment. I would like to share it with you all, as it is t3h rocks.
Brandon Vallee
September 1, 2004
Block A
What I’d Change about Our School

    There are lots of things I'd like to change about our school. I'd like there to be more money available for the school. I'd also like there to be lower costing lunch. Nicer people would also be a nice addition to our school.

I’d enjoy our school having a higher budget. Just a few years ago we had the great paper drought. Our school was so poor we couldn’t afford thin pieces of tree innards. We were forced to write on the low quality paper that you use in math class as scrap paper. If we had a higher budget and could have bought nice lined paper, I’m sure everyone would have been much happier. Cutting teachers due to low budget is not very enjoyable as well. No offense, but I dislike getting to know new teachers. I’m sure the teachers who get cut don’t appreciate very much either.

The lunch prices are also unacceptable. Almost every single year we get a rise in lunch prices. I’m ready to pretend I have no father to get a reduced lunch. Last year the price of a lunch was $1.75. This year the price is $1.85. At least last year we got back a quarter if we paid with $2.00, but now we no longer have that luxury. It’s going to be an even larger inconvenience for the people who want to pay in exact change. If I were to pay in exact change, I would easily obtain three quarters and then have to strenuously dig through my ceramic bowl of change for a dime. If I were able to change the cost of lunch, it would have to be $1.35 because if I paid for lunch with two dollars, I’d have enough money to buy Combos. The ability to buy Combos plays a large role in my evaluation of lunch pricing.

I’d also like the people to be nicer. There are a lot of people in our school that our just plain mean or insolent. People are just extremely rude and I really dislike it. I think we should have a mass exile of all the mean people in our school. I think that would solve everything. But people have to be people I guess.

It wouldn’t hurt to change the day we go to school and the day we get out of school. I much rather get out early June and go back to school in earlier August. I find the month of June much more enjoyable than the month of August, so I’d like to get more of it. School getting out June 20th or later is just ridiculous.

Lack of real authority in our school is a big problem. Freshmen year we had a fight almost every week. Sometimes we’d even have more than one in a week. It was getting out of hand and even some teachers were getting hurt trying to break them up. If I were able to change the school to how I see fit, we would have laser-guided net throwing ninja robots. If a fight occurs, the robot could appear from its hiding spot and restrain the offenders using extra soft people-sized nets. I think this would be the most effective and safe way of reducing the amount of fights. If I wanted to get in a fight, I’d see the robot and think twice about it. I think the whole lack of robots in our school is a big problem.

I really wish I could make all these things happen yet I can’t. Maybe in the year 2020 when we actually have ninja robots, all of this can be possible. This is my school utopia. It’s a pity our school will never come close to this.


This is why I imagine myself waking up every morning reeking of the Shin love.

VERY cool. :slight_smile:

When I saw your lunch prices I was like, “What the hell are you complaining about? Compared to me that’s practically free.” Then I thought you’re most likely from the States and the equivalent cost for me would be somewhere around $4-$5. You’re right. That is a lot, not to mention, inconvenient. If I paid with a $10 bill I’d much rather like to carry around a nice thin, light, bill than a bunch of coins. Thinking of all the pennies I have leftover from previous purchases, I currently have three rolls of 25 cents each. I now keep them in a loose pile on my desk to remind me to spend some of it.

I salute you in your effort to reduce lunch prices and pocket change.

A few words, in any order you wish them Shin.

Love. Shin. I. Fucking.

I love fucking Shin >>;

If the robots are hiding, like you said, how do you see the robot and think twice? :stuck_out_tongue:

He obviously meant this sign - and not the actual ninjas

Way to go d00d.

$1.85? Shut the fuck up, we pay $3.50.

Aside from that, nice man, really nice. :stuck_out_tongue: Good job.

This sounds far too much like the situation at my former high school. 8)

Very well done. I love the use of humour, especially with the “I have the ability to buy Combos.” line. 8)

You’re lucky.
Lunch here costs $3. At least.

This was hilarious. Good job.

Wow, that’s cool.

$5.50 American here. Of course, this is at a college buffet, but it isn’t a good one.

$5.25 here, hicksville college-buffet style.
I liked that essay, funny stuff.

Out The fuck standing!!!

haha thank you all for your appraisal :stuck_out_tongue: