Where do babies come from?

Hoohaas, apparently.


‘I’m offended I had to answer the question,’"

Ah yes, God forbid should responsible adults have to explain basic human facts to children. What the fuck? I knew the thing dangling between my legs was called “penis” since… hell, EVER.

What a Hooha. Can someone read to her loudly “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”? By the way “The Vagina Monologues” was included in the program of the Cultural Olympics , 2004. Without a name change, of course.

I’m gonna go cry now…

Bullshit, Spanish is your native language. You knew it as “pene” before anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

Gasp, my secret has been uncovered.

Astoundingly idiotic.

And if an ex-marine acts in a showing of it, we can call it The OORAH! Monologues.

You see, little children, daddy’s going to play with mommy’s hoohaah and doesn’t want you to disturb him.

Silly, this is.

Sex. That’s where babies come from.

nevermind, that’s how they’re made.

Somehow this reminded me of a movie parody found in a episode of The Critic titled Scent of a Jackass. It’s mostly due to the line “You’ll miss my Hoohaa. Hoohaa!”

she was upset that her niece saw it.

'cause no girls know what that is.

Still, what would she have done if her niece asked “what’s a 'hoohah?”

bangs head repeatedly against desk


Yeah, I saw this in my paper.

I mean.

It’s her NIECE for god’s sake! >:E

I think it’s actually a good idea that they changed it. I know I’d be irritated if my little brother saw that while we were driving somewhere and asked about it. It’s bad enough already with all the stuff they have posted on billboards and such now.

And now he’d ask what a hooha is. same thing, problem not solved. It doesn’t matter if you call it vagina or flower or hooha or jean- pierre, in the end you’ll have to explain it anyway.

Because children aren’t allowed to know about a part of female bodies. Yup.

People are really really stupid.

I don’t know. It was pretty obvious to me as a kid that girls had to sit down to use the bathroom. The aunt could’ve just said it’s where the female urine comes from.