where can i train on ff7 and help on ancient forest

im in the level 60s just on ff7 and i need to level up because i cant beat emeral weapon and ruby weapon (and i really want to)

where can i train up really well apart from outside the place where cloud recovers where weapon attacks on disc 2 and gets blown up by lifestream or north cave and also i dont understand how to get past the flower traps in ancient forest

The flower traps are easy. The game gives you instructions when you come into the forest. You have to pick up one of the bugs/frogs and toss them into the flower. The snapping flowers require a sort of rock brick thing that you can pick up and toss in to get by. There’s some goodies in Forest too, like Typhoon summoning materia, Cloud’s Apocolypse and some elixers and what not.

As far as leveling up goes, the ancient forest is great for that, as is parts of the crater where you have to dive around in the water. There’s certain enemies that can only be beaten if you give them an elixer or a megalixer, and provide plenty of experience and AP for you to gnaw on.

thanks for the help i will go in ancient forest as aoon as possible

Before you fight the Weapons, you realy should beat the game first. Other than Diamond Weapon, leave them alone. Seriously. Obtain final Limits and Weapons on your preferred team of three (mine is Cloud/Red XIII/Barret) and get some strong armor, master materia. If you go Uber, you can squash them with ease. Also, since the Weapons have high HP, try using Demi on them Since it’s supposed to halve (or somesuch) the victim’s HP, then it should do 9999 every time until it’s almost dead, and then a final Limit will easily send it straight to Hell. Good luck.

Have you ever actually fought any of the Weapons before? Because that advice regarding demi and a “final limit break” was completely nonsensical from my experience.

Yeah, Demi is useless on the Weapons.

The best place to level by far is the forests around Mideel. The North Crater is basically useless once you run out of elixers. Sure, there are Movers, but you’ll be running from 14 fights out of 15 just to kill a single group.

If you’re serious about leveling, equip some triple growth weapons, fly to Mideel, and get ready to fight your ass off. You’ll be getting 720-1060 AP per battle and a good chunk of experience. Anywhere else and you’re wasting your time.

KoTR, and mimics is the only way to go I’ve found!

  • but that is sort of considered cheating, eh?


I think I levelled up in the sunken Gelnika - that offered nice exp. Been a while since I played, though, I can’t recall exactly how much.

Morphing in Gelnika provides nice prizes in the forms of Sources. Don’t you go forgetting that!

The only problem is that the unknowns can be quite tough. Especially if you are not prepared for them.

But if you can handle them, then training there is a great idea.

I had a little materia combination that made me invincible. All you need is a mastered Final Attack attacked to a mastered Phoenix (allthough a mastered Life will work). Then a mastered Knights of the Round (or some other powerful spell) attached to a master MP Absorb. This all goes on one character. All you do is cast Knights of the Round repeatedly and you win. What heppens is that the MP Absorb restores more than enough MP for the cast, which keeps your MP at its max. Then if the guy kills you, the Final Attack with activate Phoenix which will revive you (and do some damage to the boss). Then you resume casting your powerful spell, your MP will get back to its max after a turn or too and you just repeat this little thing.

I liked combining the 4-Cut materia with like 10 counter attack materias.

Cloud: “Go on. Hit me. I dare you.”

I levelled in Mideel but I found it tedious. I kept running around in small circles hoping to run into hte group of green creatures with hook tentacles or something. They show up in groups of 4 or 5.

If you have W-Item you could go to Northern Crater and fight Magic Pots. You have to give them an Elixer first, but it’s no big deal since you can generate as much as you want.

I played ff8 before ff7 and expected the last boss to have a crazy amount of HP so I linked a Double Cut with Quadra and Bahamut Zero as my first attack. I don’t remember what combination I had with KoTR but that’s irrelevant 'cause the first one was more than enough.