Where can I download good free rpgs?

Well the title says it all! I’d like to play good rpg games, but can’t find any good games, especially do not want freeware, shareware junk, could someone help me find a place with good games I can download and play off line? Thanks in advance!:biggrin:

a really good website and one that i use all the time is
edit: No rom links - The Mods

Interesting but how do I download?

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I was ready to direct you to The Way (freeware) and I saw there was a new episode out + a total revamp. So, see ya!


The game starts slow, picks up and around Ep IV is enthralling. Heartily recommended.

i tried it earlier, but it would not play for me. It actually works now, but why can I not actually battle monsters?

When you bump into them, doesn’t it get you to the fighting screen? I haven’t played the revamp yet, try looking in the options to see if there’s automatic battle enabled

You can skip battle, by toggling it. Some boss monsters I’ve just toggled. It’s a pretty good game actually. It ends with the sixth episode?

For now yes. He has scheduled to put out 8 in total if memory doesn’t fail me. Can you win even the very first plunges? The humiliation there is what made me indulge into a “catch them all” type of playing. I’ll stop rumbling, promise.

Some plunges I can win, other’s I seriously get my ass kicked in.