Whence gaming news?

Where do you all go to get your news on the latest developments in the gamign world?

Normally, I subscribe to Game Informer magazine, and I’m wondering if it would really be worthwhile to renew. So, in the opinion of a decently sized community of gamers, what are some good places to get gaming news?

I just read big gaming forums. Everything worth reading gets posted three times over in those things, and way faster than you could find it on your own.

The stork brings them to…

Wrong topic, sorry. Just browsing through (pun not intended) sites where gamers talk about their fave stuff will let you know what’s going on . Or try a specialised site if you are interested in a type of games (how silly, giving such advice in the forums of rpgc).

I generally just go to RPGamer, since for the most part (other than Metroid and Metal Gear stuff) I couldn’t care less about any other games.

I go to RPGFan and RPGamer for my RPG news. For the other games I’m interested in, I know my LJ friends will know about any little peep and pass it on to everyone else. Even before the producers themselves know about it.

Its layout is simple. All the big gaming sites tend to use horrible Flash crap that takes forever to load.

i go to rpggamer,gamespot,gamestats and them kinda sites. i also buy gamesmaster and other gaming mags

I get most of my news from whatever gaming magazine I’m subscribed to at the moment (PSM right now). Or I watch TV (G4 is a good channel for that, though it used to be a lot more game-based).

I read RPGamer, RPGfan and The Magic Box. The Magic Box is the best one, I don’t check the others particularly frequently. Gameindustry.biz is really interesting in the kinds of articles it posts. Its very different from the others.

I like 1up. :expressionless:

gameDAILY BIZ is also in the vain of Gameindustry.biz, updates more frequently though.

I used to subscribe to Nintendo Power and Gamepro. My Gamepro subscription runs out in November 2007, and I don’t think I’m going to renew it. Lately, I’ve gotten all my news from here, RPGamer, RPGFan, Gamespot, and Gamestop.