When you played your first Strategy-RPG

Mi first SRPG was also FFT,and I remember when I got into the first battle I was like “Hmmmm lots of space to put my only character o well” I think I got to take like two enemies with me before dying after messing with the controls a little and checking the tutorial it was smooth sailing.

After that SRPGs are one of my favorite genres Advance Wars,Fire Emblem,Super Robot Wars,etc.

Vanguard Bandits confused the fuck out of me when I was 12.

Well, the gameplay was rather opaque and convoluted. Without a guide you had pretty much no clue what the conditions for unlocking moves, spells and skills were.

Apart from a Greek or Minoan navy, that is. mwahaha

I don’t see how. Egypt got everything but the Flying Dutchman. Or are you one of those full upgrade trees only players?

The Greeks and Minoans both have race bonuses to their navies. Minoans have monster range and attack and are by far considered the best sailors. People who use Egypt are usually people who like priests.

I like any race that can flood my enemies with centurions or horse archers. Horse archers because if you’re not invincible, range is the only way to win battles. Centurions because they are.

The first tactical RPG I ever emulated was the Tenchi Muyo RPG. Damn, those were some good times… might have to dig that one up…

Yes. I basically sunk anything that was sailing, destroyed whatever was in the range of my ships and then sent in centurions (or phalanx or hoplites or whomever the Greeks had) to raze what was left.

Yeah. Okay. So I shouldn’t have gone just by the tech tree. Also If I recall Egypt had some good archers (or chariots).

So I haven’t played it in an Empires’ Age. Sue me.


Research: Litigation.

First was probably Ogre Battle, but I just couldn’t understand how the morality system and such worked, so I didn’t really get far or play much…

The first one I really played a lot would be Tactics Ogre.
(And DAMN I played that a lot. 6 or 7 playthroughs on the japanese version, without knowing a single word in japanese, written or spoken. …Except maybe “sayonara”. And then I got my hands on the PSX version so I could actually understand the plot… That led to about half a dozen playthroughs more.)

Anyway, I wasn’t really thrown off a lot. I didn’t think of it as a RPG, but rather as a strategy game. (And since TO isn’t even realtime, there wasn’t much problem as soon as I found out what some key “squiggly lines” meant.)

First RTS: Warcraft II, with the addon Beyond the Dark Portal.

Honestly, I don’t really remember what my first strategy game was. I’m tempted to say FFT to some extent, but it’s likely more along the lines of Fire Emblem Gaiden. Granted, I never really got anywhere in that game, since the translation of the rom was a mess, and battles were crazy-hard.

My first RTS was Age of Empires II. Only had the demo at first, but then after playing the hell out of that, I went and bought the game and the subsequent expansion. Lots of fun.

(Ignore this.)